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THE LASTEST SCAM: U.S. ‘Climate Aid’ Targets Poorest Nations with Free Cash

21st Century Wire says… This website had successfully debunked the mythology of climate change and global warming as far back as 2009, when we ravaged Al Gore & Co.’s get-rich by charging for air theft model in Copenhagen, leading to the collapse of his Chicago Climate Exchange carbon stock market – a total failure because it was based on lies and completely made-up science. Now they are simply paying off people with taxpayer money in order to get them on board…


Pat3_bwBy Patrick Henningsen

One thing which I have learned over the years is that Marxists never give up willingly. Their socialist philosophy is extremist in nature, where political survival depends on the preeminence of the state to regulate every aspect of life.

The only way to stop them is to cut them off their ideological air – and the only form of political oxygen they have is their collectivist ideology. It’s not easy to do as we will find out. We have a Marxist-Fascist ideology that is still pervasive in our culture today – it’s called Climate Change, and in this scenario the Marxist masses are working to advance ideas which will ultimately profit elite fascist corporate elites.

So who benefits? The carbon neutral gravy train was chugging along nicely for a while, until it went off the rails. Like with Wall Street, a lot of people were making a lot of money off doing very little. This working model is the essence of any good scam, and what could be better than regulating air?


Albert Arnold Gore Jr: One of the planet greatest liars of all-time.

It’s quite astonishing that almost no advocate of anthropogenic global warming or “climate change” (it’s quite a semantic luxury they have, being able to shape-shift between two different names) will appear in public or on TV anymore to extol the virtues of their half-baked ‘Kinder Surprise-science’. That’s mainly because they have run out of rope for their argument.

“The science is settled”, as Al Gore once proclaimed, only he lost the debate and the IPCC was exposed as an multi-million dollar fraud – and exposed over and over again. Even the Royal Society in Great Britain finally dumped it in 2010.

But that hasn’t deterred the collectivists and social engineers behind the great global warming swindle. While they lost the scientific and logical debate, they quietly moved ahead on their ‘flat Earth’ political/policy making front – to devastating effect.

Their goal from the beginning, has been to pull out as much middle class and working class wealth away, through their fake crisis which was package initially as man-made global warming. The War on Terror has cost already between US and Europe’s expenditures upwards of $4 Trillion in 10 years. Many could argue a higher figure. All the money spent on that fake crisis landed softly into the hands of an exclusive collection of corporations. The same is happening with their ‘War on Climate’.

Now that the collectivist criminal cartel have failed in convincing a cooling world that man-made global warming exists, they have simply ignored their failure and moved on with their policy of using the made-up threat of climate change in order to push forward globalist, world government-oriented policies onto weaker nations – as well as their own.

Climate Bailouts for Corporations

http://gulfnews.com/polopoly_fs/1.842948!/image/4135708433.jpg_gen/derivatives/box_475/4135708433.jpgUS Foreign Aid has been an oxymoron for decades now – it’s essentially a taxpayer-funded bailout for selected government contractors who will be supplying goods and services to third world countries – paid for by the magical “foreign aid”. It’s dollar laundering on a mass scale. This pre-selected group of corporations are normally the very same ones who have lobbied tirelessly for the US Federal Government to institute an “Aid” program. What else is it, but a scam?

It’s ultimately about controlling ideas. Now the collectivist/communist leaning leaders of the West have decided to use the foreign aid system to achieve, using the likes of known CIA front organisations like “US AID” and other bent corporate and ‘NGO’ players, in order to bribe third world/developing world nations with new “Climate Foreign Aid” and thus accepting the elite’s derived mythology that CO2 is somehow driving global climate change.

As with all expensive foreign aid which is sent overseas, almost none of the money handed out actually goes towards the intended cause (see Washington Post article below). That’s simply business as usual.

Very sad to see the US government having to scrape to a level – where their last resort is to bribe the developing world’s leadership so as to accept a disingenuous ideology created by elite collectivist European Think Tanks like the Club of Rome (inventors of man-made global warming theory in the 1970’s), and the Club of Budapest to name only a few.

Their goal is global government – and nothing less.

Desperate, to say the least. But how stupid are Americans to fall for it – and pay for it?

Let’s watch and see…



‘New U.S. climate aid reaches across globe’

By Juliet Eilperin

At NASA headquarters, part of a map of Kenyan waterways blinks repeatedly in blue-gray, indicating where stream flow is heaviest and likely to cause flooding over the next 72 hours.

Halfway around the world, officials at Kenya’s Ministry of Water and Irrigation can see the same data, which they use to try to reduce the loss of life and property from increasingly frequent floods linked to global warming.

The mapping technology is part of a collaboration by the space agency and the U.S. Agency for International Development that helps cash-strapped nations deal with the challenges of a changing climate. Over the past three years, the United States has ratcheted up support for foreign countries to cope with global warming, spending nearly $1.4 billion. A small slice of the total, $18 million, has transformed the satellite-based mapping program, called SERVIR, from a modest effort targeting seven countries in Central America to one serving 32 countries worldwide.

But even as spending rises, a central question remains: Are rich countries, which bear the historic responsibility for putting carbon dioxide into the air, doing enough to help the poorest nations prepare themselves for the negative effects of greenhouse gas emissions?

In 2009, the world’s leaders — including President Obama — promised to give $30 billion between 2010 and 2012 to a “fast-track finance” program to help cut the emissions worldwide and make the most vulnerable nations more resilient in the face of global warming, a process called adaptation. That same year, they pledged that by 2020, they would mobilize $100 billion for the two goals.

The United States has provided $7.5 billion in international climate aid over the past three years, nearly $1.4 billion of which has been spent on adaptation.

David Waskow, who directs Oxfam America’s climate-change program, praised the United States for ramping up the assistance, but he noted that while leaders agreed to a balanced division between cutting emissions and helping poor countries adapt to climate change, only 19 percent of the funding has gone toward adaptation.

“The percentage of what’s going to adaptation is not adequate,” Waskow said, noting that it is often hard to tell how much of the climate assistance is money that the United States and other countries would have given as foreign aid anyway…

Read more at Washington Post



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