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Racist Israeli Rabbi Calls For ‘Genocide and Extermination’ of Native Palestinians

POLITICAL TRIBUTE: President Obama does the AIPAC money ritual at the Wall in Israel (Inset: Rabbi Ovadia Yosef).

21st Century Wire

Of course, not all Israelis are as bad as this particularly vile racist Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, but judging by the lack of condemnation from his speech, his views are quietly accepted by quite a few Israelis…

In light of what is currently going down in Gaza – state terror and repression on the part of Israel against it’s occupied native peoples in Palestine, it’s safe to say that their are many influential racists in Israel, all of whom have worked to institutionalise a national hate towards the Arabs, who are scene as sub-human by many Jewish Israelis.

But there’s more… Israeli crowds seem to be baying for more blood in a very macabre party-like atmosphere, as crowd shout, “May your children die, you dogs”. 

As Gaza burns, some spoiled Israelis feel compelled to cry for blood in streets. Very sad. Watch video:

And here are Israeli students really lapping up the blood, chanting, “Death to Arabs”… 

Charming, isn’t it? That’s what 70 years of brainwashing has achieved. Notice the difference in standards of living between Israel and Gaza, a polarity which pretty much says it all.

Back in cosy Europe, Chief Rabbi ‘Lord’ Jonathan Sacks in Great Britain, also let slip some Zionist, pro-war propaganda during a recent interview with BBC’s Radio 4.

One thing is absolutely certain though – if he were an Iranian cleric speaking against the state of Israel, his speech would be transmitted to the top of every major western news agency and touted as “proof” that the Muslims are planning another Holocaust against the Jews. This never actually happened, Back in 2005, after Mahmoud Ahmadinijad’s speech at Columbia University in New York. According to FAIR’s Steve Rendell:

“The menacing threat has been repeated endlessly in U.S. corporate media in recent years: Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for Israel to be “wiped off the map.” “Iran,” “Israel” and “wipe” in one form or another occur together in more than 17,000 articles in the Nexis news database over the last seven years. It plays a critical role in the case for pre-emptive war against Iran. There’s just one problem: It never happened.”

Yes, that’s right – the entire basis of the US, UK and Israel’s posture against Iran – is all based on a massive lie.

Read Ahmadinejad the real translation here




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