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The Cover-up Continues: Lords Peers Demand Child Abuse Investigation Dropped

21st Century Wire says: As we detailed earlier this week, the establishment is desperate to draw a line under any serious independent investigations into organised paedophile rings and child abuse in British establishments, because exposure threatens individuals who sit within the very power structure of multiple institutions – including government, the judiciary, the police, child care, ‘children’s charities’ and the BBC.

They want our horror to end with their fixer  Jimmy Savile, and the sacking of BBC’s Pope, George Entwistle – and quietly move on.

The Government’s move to spike any further inquiry into past and present existence of paedophiles in power is part of damage limitation exercise – a coordinated attempt to shut down the national conversation – despite overwhelming evidence that this is an organised, institutional disease.

The Waterhouse Inquiry into the North Wales Boys Home sex abuse criminal network was a typical government-run whitewash, where the establishment failed to probe into the heart of the problem, where institutional members covered for each other’s interests, and where police fumbled evidence and failed to secure arrests of powerful men. In the end, the bureaucracy won and justice was sadly lost.

The recent Newsnight scandal over the naming of Lord McAlpine (by the police, not the BBC) was a staged event used by the establishment to distract, and further close down the public’s view into their seedy world of child sex. David Cameron’s recent ‘gay witch-hunt’ cries serve the very same ends – to distract and cover..

New victims are coming out daily to testify about abuse at the hands of the rich and powerful. Will the public let this pass without a fight? We shall see…

Peers demand child abuse investigation is dropped

Lord Lloyd of Berwick: Wants to close the book on Waterhouse.

By Alex Stevenson

The inquiry announced by Theresa May last week into Ronald Waterhouse’s original investigation of child abuse in north Wales care homes should be dropped, peers have said.

Ministers announced the probe into whether the Waterhouse inquiry last week, after victim Steve Messham alleged a senor Tory was among the paedophiles involved.

The original inquiry was criticised in some quarters for not looking at allegations of child abuse outside the care homes.
Messham has subsequently apologised for the case of a mistaken identity, triggering the resignation of George Entwistle as BBC director-general.

Now peers are calling for the inquiry into Waterhouse’s work to be withdrawn or amended.

Crossbench peer Lord Lloyd of Berwick, a retired judge, suggested that “there is no longer any need for another high court judge to go over the word done by Sir Ronald Waterhouse and that on the contrary we should all be grateful for the impeccable nature of his inquiry and the thoroughness of his report”.

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