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ARAB MOCKINGBIRD: ‘Alleged abuses on both sides of Syrian conflict’ says Al Jazeera, while only showing one side the story

Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire

“As the war rages, human rights groups are documenting atrocities on both sides of the Syrian conflict.”

Al Jazeera is currently masquerading as an “alternative” view in global media coverage, but its head offices in Doha, Qatar have apparently forged a tight alliance with foreign governments in Washington and London, and Saudi Arabia.

Like its headquarters in Qatar, Al Jazeera’s English Language global news network in London is staffed with a number of former BBC media staff and management.

One might count this as a possible reason why Al Jazeera has learned to spin news coverage like the BBC.

However, the true nature of Al Jazeera and its objectives as a tool for Qatar’s success in regional geopolitical and economic matters go much deeper than its BBC pedigree.

When a news network takes sides in a civil war

In media terms, this was beyond the pale – a point of no return. Al Jazeera was caught red-handed working for one side of a civil war in Syria…

Al Jazeera staff in Beirut have resigned recently over the network’s aiding and abetting FSA and al Qaeda terrorists in Syria, as Al Jazeera executives supplied those rebels with satellite phones so as to ‘coordinate communications’ with those western and gulf-backed mercenaries responsible for a number of civilian murders, Christian cleansing of central Syria and suicide and other bombs, in their reign of terror designed to collapse the Assad government from within the country, allowing western corporate interests to reorganize Syria’s economy and install a Washington/London-friendly regime.

Al Jazeera does still produce many quality documentary features and current affairs programming, but its news coverage of recent in both Libya and Syria – has sunk to a new low in journalism, and looks like it has been carefully produced by newsroom plants from Washington DC and Whitehall. The term here is western propaganda.

Controlled Media 101: How to bend reality

Many liberal-leaning TV viewers and middle of the road journalists are mostly unaware of Al Jazeera’s alliance with Washington DC and London regarding regime change in Syria, and still regard Al Jazeera in class ‘outside of the major media’ and hence they believe it is not bought and paid for like many others including the BBC, CNN, ABC, FOX, CBS and MSNBC. It may be that they were simply not paying very close attention to Al Jazeera’s recent news coverage and clandestine exploits in both Libya and Syria.

Al Jazeera very cleverly pretend to be report both sides of the conflict, but in practice they never actually do it. It seems they’ve learned from the masters at CNN and the BBC on how to frame a conflict for geopolitical  PR purposes – which amounts to little more than cheap propaganda designed to serve both Western and Gulf monarchy interests.


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