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‘Future Tense’ – The Rising Expectation of Global Change in 2012

21st Century Wire

Sept 11, 2012

Here we are in September.

The great sigh of relief the aware world breathed when the London Olympics drew to a safe close in mid August has finally been completely expelled and new inspiration drawn after the Paralympics closing ceremony on 9/9/12 passed quietly. The problem is the next suspicious date is today, 9/11/12.

Folks not in the mainstream ‘consensus reality’ are still wary, watching out for False Flag style evil shenanigans in London. A ‘9 11 event’ would be the third in a series of significant 911 events, starting with Bush Sr ‘announcing’ a new world order, followed a decade later by the collapse of the Towers, an ‘action,’ and now comes what? The three 11’s add up to 33, and that is the highest degree of freemasonry (at least that’s what they tell us). Since we had the announcement and then action, this ‘9 11’, according to the theory, should symbolize the actual beginning of the NWO, so watch out.

Next in line is the 17th of September. I want to point out that there will be a series of these dates and potential white knuckle anticipations going into the final Mayan day of this 5000 or so year age – 20th December – AKA the ‘End of Time’ (21st December is the first day of the incoming age of Aquarius).

Major events could unfold on any day leading up to this, and indeed any day after… while the secret of an elite controlling world affairs is pretty much out, the deeper conspiracies and depths of that control are still emerging. We don’t as yet know whether the predictions themselves are preventing possible False Flag events, or whether they may even help create one.


The lines between ‘them’ and ‘us’ are narrowing as the realization of shared co-creative reality seeps ever further into human awareness. Just as the likes of Newton and Copernicus laid the foundations of a material/scientific worldview, Quantum Physics is filtering into mainstream awareness and diluting, even dissolving the current paradigm before our very eyes. The process is enhanced by the digital communications potential and the resonance of Quantum concepts with ancient and esoteric schools of thought. Why are so many of us involved in this phenomenon, and is 2012 really a transition or is it becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy?

The interesting thing is, there are many unusual events unfolding which bear a remarkable resemblance to so-called ‘End Time’
prophecies. Lets make a little list of what’s going on right now:

Strange Sun Activity: includes fluctuating activity, previously unseen phenomena, strange giant objects and solar weather shocks.

Strange Weather: unprecedented weather, strange events and climate anomalies, records broken daily.

Strange Geological Activity: ring of fire burning bright and increased geo-event frequency and magnitude globally.

Strange Phenomena: weird lights and sounds, vibrations, mysterious substances, blood rain and rivers, zombie attacks.

Strange Animal Deaths: dead fish, birds frogs and crabs falling from sky, burned fish and dolphins.

Volatile Markets: no one has a clue what to do or what will happen next so all markets edgy and volatile.

Struggling Currencies: dollar and euro doomed, what is next?

Global Crop Failures: weather anomalies lead to crop failures worldwide.

Increasing Government Powers: reduced freedoms and rights and incitement to revolt by authorities.

Conflict: Fake Wars and Stealth Invasions.

State Violence: Nuclear posturing and jostling for position in the Middle East.

Now, looking at the list, it does seem a little apocalyptic. Let’s not be negatively selective here. The increase in awareness and
understanding in the general population is incredible right now. The end game is on between ‘those that would control’ and ‘those that would be free’, and it’s pretty racy stuff, especially if you try to sense the currents of energy flowing across and in between realities right now.

The very concept of what reality actually is – is falling apart, and the reality-based paradigm is struggling to maintain the essential
credibility and believability required to maintain a hold on the masses. It’s set to go anywhere and unfold rapidly. The much vaunted ‘shift’ is definitely underway, but where will it all end up?


We have the specter of nuclear war imminent, but the fear and tension felt during the Cold War is not apparent in the same way now.

Along with Fukushima, the revelation that entire nuclear reactors and countless tons of toxic radioactive waste have been dumped into the sea by both former superpowers, along with factors like political and financial chaos worldwide, means that nuclear war may not hold the same the fear factor it once held. It’s almost like people are so overloaded they don’t care any more what happens. That’s likely exactly where the elite want the masses, but I am not sure they have calculated in the factors of ‘cohesiveness under duress,’ where hard times bring people together in cooperation. Sympathy and compassion rise as all suffer. Hard times are generally very healing for broken societies in the long run as the false and disposable factors of life are exposed by the deeper needs for survival and co-existence. So are they hard times or beautiful times coming? It’s a matter of perspective…


I have always sensed that true change would be experienced as ecstatic by some and tragic by others – obviously so, if the balance of power is leveled – but there is more to this than mere vested interests and enforced poverty. The new paradigm suggests we are all in it together in a much more complete way than has been recognized thus far. It seems to be emerging that the poor needy and suppressed must change their perspective of programmed poverty consciousness to re-empower themselves, and it doesn’t look like they will get much help from the power brokers. We are all in the same position, if we can embrace the new paradigm perspective on life we can free ourselves of the mental shackles used to keep us under control.

This won’t be handed to us. We have to go get this, and it’s an internal process that leads to external changes.


The gist seems to be to step out of being in a point between the opposites of duality. In other words, being able to encompass the range of possible states between opposites. Instead of being hot or cold, you can experience all states between hot and cold simultaneously, embracing the entire potential rather than being at a point in it. What if your arms are cold and you legs are hot? Can you experience both and embrace the difference as an experience? Can you be depressed and ecstatic simultaneously – well yes you can, if you can embrace the appropriate consciousness that allows this, and allow is a big word in this field.


It seems you will not experience what you won’t allow yourself to experience, but who is doing the allowing? The subconscious mind filters out anything you have decided you don’t believe in, and a well programmed subconscious can be used to make people strictly adhere to a conditioned reality, ermm, look around you. There is more, much more to be perceived right now than you are seeing, but you won’t allow it…

We can’t perceive it all because it would be overload for the conscious mind, but we can learn to allow more to be perceived and learn to CHOOSE OUR PERSPECTIVE – a very, very scary thing for the elite, as they continue to rely on choosing our perspective for us

– DX

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