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Runnymede Institute
August 31, 2011

Anjem Choudary is a bright, energetic individual with a lot of work on his hands laying the foundations of a pan-Islamic future for the British Isles. His vision is a fair society based on age old principals actually resembling those which the Church of England abandoned some 200 years ago in preference for the eventual Reform Act of 1832.

The mountain of statutes thereafter is what the leader of Islam4UK is now targeting.

Mr. Choudary’s main bone of contention, that man-made laws cannot supercede God Almighty’s rules forms a sound hypothesis, apart from the fact that his are interpreted from a different language and cultural point of view. Some people are bloody livid at the bare-faced cheek, posting edicts of a coloniser’s supremacy reminiscent of their own colonising forebears, Brits know when they’re being kicked while they’re down;

“You are entering a Sharia-controlled zone – Islamic rules enforced.”


Multi-culturalism as a tool of quasi-emotive control is finally laid bare when considered from the viewpoint that government precipitated both Islamic mass migration with it’s skullduggery abroad and loose entry policy in anticipation of the numbers to reach this crescendo.

Mr. Choudary is merely reacting to a set of well constructed bullet points to ultimately disarm UK natives of any protest power whatsoever while fully manipulating Islam4UK cadres into the position of easily identifiable, formidable future adversaries.


There are no finer enemies than those governments invent for themselves in order to remain relevant as the ‘guardians of the people’. The Muslims aren’t saying anything original with their protestations that bureaucrats are failing miserably at their task but the attempted imposition of an alien solution discounts the fact that most Britons would opt for a mass re-patriation to their already Islamic original homes, ergo, let’s not be fooled by bravado and negative, clash of civilisations overtones in their concocted gig.

The UK is full of people suffering the latest economic downturn under the boot of an oppressive system that fleeces them at every turn through the unelected EU regime fostering a prohibitive atmosphere for anyone wishing to challenge their corruption.

Downing Street knows everyone’s in ‘mad as hell’ mode so they re-focus that anger toward Muslim whipping boys thus deflecting it from themselves, easy peasy politics.






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