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America: Repudiate your $17 trillion of debt

“If all the $17 trillion were owed to one man, you would want everyone to repudiate that debt, wouldn’t you?  So what’s so special about Rothschild that you will sacrifice your country, your business, your home, your job and your family’s future to him?”

By Richard Eastman

21st Century Wire
Feb 17, 2011

Millions will die, and ten million minds will crack and a hundred million lives will fall apart.  The pain and grief for what has happened and the future that has been robbed will be intolerable.  And the talking heads go on:  The government must cut this, the people must do without that, wages must be cut drastically, benefits must disappear, packages smaller, ingredients more inferior etc.  Because the we owe $17 trillion and it has to be paid.

But do we really have to pay Mr. Rothschild and Mr. Rockefeller and Mr. Soros etc …?

If all the $17 trillion were owed just to me, would you still feel obligated to inflict all that damage on so many lives?  Or would you repudiate and say, “To hell with you, Dick Eastman”

And what kind of person would I be if I insisted that $17 trillion had to be taken from everyone so that I could possess that much wealth?

Millions of debt slaves are sacrificed to Goldman-Sachs each year.

Wouldn’t it be very strange that no one in the media or in government or in the economics departments of our great universities ever once asks, is Rothschild really that wonderful that 300 million people must live short lives of agony so that he can add to the astronomical amount of wealth he already possesses?

All the news media talk about our debt and the suffering that must come of it. Where from our bodies we should cut our pound of flesh? And more than a pound! Hundreds of millions of people ruined and thrown into misery…  and not one of them ever asks the basic questions:

Who is getting this $17 trillion dollars?

Where is what we bought with that $17 trillion dollars?

What did the lenders give up to make that $17 trillion available to us?

Since we are the ones who work and invent and manage and they are the ones who make loans, how is it that they end up owning it all?

Trillion Dollar Bill: could become a lighter, more cost-effective way to buy a loaf of bread.

Did they provide the money for the bubbles- or in fact did we ourselves make the bubbles by putting up our own equity in second mortgage agreements?  Yet they get the houses and the compound interest over principal when all they put into the job was a half hour of keyboarding.

Government can declare eminent domain and take our houses, they can vote to tax away all we have, but why do they never put a graduated earnings tax on interest earnings?  Why do they never pass a law requiring that debt burdens adjust to average household purchasing power?

Why is government borrowing from international bankers the one thing in all the world that is not regulated in any way?

Politicians don’t call for debt repudiation because they know doing so would get them killed.

Arm chair economists don’t advocate repudiation because they think they know that a nation needs credit in order to have the money necessary for the economy to function at all.  If we repudiate, all loans will be recalled and no one will have money to buy anything.

But guess what?  Social Credit makes them unnecessary.  The government can set up a system whereby all the new money that the economy needs can originate by fiat in the household sector, in the hands of the people, so they can go out and buy so that businesses can be profitable and keep people employed.  No longer will people have to trade their equity for purchasing power to meet their debt obligations.

This imp says: “Congress allowed the wars and voted the money- it would not be honorable for you to refuse to pay the debt they incurred- even if it was Rothschild/Rockefeller/Soros who bought their elections and own the political operatives who froze you out of the nominating process”.

The answer is simple.  Repudiate… while at the same time issuing new money to households.  It would be like having an income tax refund every month — no interest, no pay back of principal.

And if every nation in the world called for repudiation of national debt- and all interest due on loans to banks, so that only principal must be paid back-  then where would be the recession?

Only repudiation and social credit together can save this country and every country.  You can’t repudiate national debt unless you have a system of social credit to replace the credit that Rothschild will forever withdraw.

Repudiation is justified.  They have been running a crooked wheel and fraud vitiates all contracts.

Repudiate all debt and remove any official that puts the Rothschilds above the nation and the people.

If we make it a world repudiation and if we replace the withdrawn credit with social credit- it will not be the end.  It will be the beginning.  Recessions and economic scandals should never be. With Social Credit they won’t be ever again.

And Rothschild is responsible to the billions who owe them money or owe them rent or pay them their monopoly profits.  Or, if he is not, then he has no business being the richest man on earth (I speak of course of Rothschild as representing all the breed of merchant bankers- I am not talking about one man, but a network of crime families who dominate high finance).

Every man is responsible to every other man.

Author Richard Eastman lives in Yakima, Washington and is a guest writer for 21st Century Wire. He provides a free clipping service to “populist activists” along with his own commentary advancing several  conspiracy theories, and  is an advocate of Social Credit.

What is social credit?

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