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Arnold Arrives in Copenhagen for Final Push Towards Global Government

By Patrick Henningsen
Dec 16, 2009

While climate protestors dressed as clowns lined the outer perimeter of the UN Climate Summit in at Copenhagen’s Bella Centre, another three-ringed media circus was taking place inside.

Large snow falls across Europe have made for an appropriate backdrop to the largest-ever international meeting to combat global warming. Earlier in the week saw the arrival of a number of high-flying celebrities and politicians. President Obama, Tony Blair and Al Gore all arrived amongst great media interest, each hoped to reignite what has been described by many as a conference teetering on the edge of total failure.

In the latest example of delegates and press becoming even further detatched from reality, hundreds scurried through the Centre’s hallways in the hopes to get a glimpse of the failing summit’s own ‘Last Action Hero’, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The former actor’s appearance signals the final PR push by proponents of the Globalist elite to leave Copenhagen with some form of an international agreement to implement the monetisation of the earth’s carbon- to be enforced by a new structure of global government.

The headline in today’s UK Independent Newspaper read At Last, a ray of light amid the gloom – Arnie’s in town.

So overcome with celebrity intoxication of Gov Schwarzenegger’s appearance, fawning politicians and press could hardly bottle their glee. Gordon Campbell, the premier of British Columbia gushed, “He’s an action hero in the movies and a climate action hero for the globe”. The article continues to describe how the Governor admitted his previous trips to Copenhagen had been for “movie promotions and bodybuilding and weightlifting seminars”, rather than a determination to secure the future of the planet. Schwarzenegger added that “Movements begin with people, not governments,” and urged the UN to organise another summit to “discuss localised ways of fighting climate change.”

Former body builder, actor turned politician lobbies for more UN powers in Copenhagen.

This movement Schwarzenegger is speaking of is of course, an international call to arms to fight ‘climate change’.

While clearly not designed and wholly executed by grass roots green activists and anarchist climate action groups, one might ask exactly who and what is the driving force behind this movement. Here’s a clue… we’ve all heard of(to great pains) Wall Steet’s notorious credit default swaps and subprime mortgages, but what about “carbon default swaps” and “subprime carbon offsets”?

Global banks, multinational energy companies and signatories of the Copenhagen treaty seek to create a global “Cap and Trade” scheme that would drive what Commodity Futures Trading commissioner Bart Chilton sees as a $2 trillion market, “the biggest of any [commodities] derivatives product in the next five years.” Clearly, a recipe for fraud and fiat money laundering on a scale which mankind has never witnessed before.

Arnold is no stranger to Cap and Trade. It was revealed in 2003 by award-winning investigative reporter Greg Palast how gubernatorial candidate Schwarzenegger was part of a larger scheme to help Enron and other power companies avoid paying back billions in illicit profits by replacing then California Gov. Gray Davis. In a 2002 lawsuit filed by former California Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante, ENRON was cited for carrying off their profits by fraudulent reporting of sales transactions, megawatt “laundering,” and creating “fake power delivery scheduling”.

In total some $9 billion were generated in profits, as Enron caused the power shortages in California and singlehandedly rinsed consumers for millions of dollars- with the federal government left to stand back watching from a safe distance. To this date, Gov. Schwarzenegger has never denied his May 17, 2001 meeting with Enron’s Kenneth Lay and disgraced junk-bond peddler Mike Milken at the Peninsula Hotel in Los Angeles, a meeting which was allegedly part of a plan to recall Gov. Davis and replace him with someone who would assist in keeping the legal heat off Lay and his cronies.

In reality, the idea of ‘Carbon Trading’ – which is the device that would drive forward Cap and Trade policies and numerous global taxes, was invented by none other than Ken Lay, whose then company Enron would currently be one of the prime beneficiaries in the global alternative energy market.

Perhaps Al Gore himself would have placed a call to Ken Lay to congratulate the company that did to much so spark the CO2 reduction debate within the industry in the 1980s and 1990s.

Just as today’s carbon traders and carbon off-set firms have been lapping up media kudos and billions of investment capital in anticipation of a globally binding agreement to ‘fight climate change’, ENRON’s chief Ken Lay and colleagues became the toast of Wall Street as Enron introduced innovations in creative book-keeping, claiming profits from programs not yet started and manipulating energy markets through brokering, futures contracts and other exotic financial instruments.

The UN’s COP15 folly will come to a close in a few days and with any luck, the world will be spared any binding draconian treaty which is underpinned by such dodgy alarmist science.

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