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‘Increase Your Carbon Footprint’

Butler Shaffer
Information Liberation
December 11, 2009

(Excerpt )… Until the collapse of the Soviet Union, the “communist menace” was sufficient to get Americans to part with their liberties, wealth, and intelligent judgment; to support the corporate-state in its fear- and war-mongering ventures. But with the disappearance of this bogus threat, a new peril had to be introduced in order for the political establishment to maintain and extend its power over people. The winning candidate became “climate change.” Originally concocted as the “coming ice age,” and later morphed into “global warming,” the threat of “climate change” serves as a compromise that accommodates any deviation from a fixed point of reference! Recent revelations of the dishonest and institutional-serving “science” underlying this campaign, may force the political establishment to go in search of a new “threat.” Perhaps we shall soon be told that, as the space-films warned us, there are extra-terrestrials out there waiting to attack us with their weapons of mass destruction.

It must be noted that there is nothing fundamentally new in the practice of controlling people through fear. Tribal leaders learned how easily their fellow tribesmen could be rendered subservient by reminding them of the threat of the “Nine Bows” from across the river; dangerous men who would certainly come in and destroy their village but for the protection provided by their chief. Some of the brighter tribe members soon figured out that they could profitably employ their minds to avoid the difficult and dangerous work of a hunt by convincing their fellows that they had a special pipeline to the cosmic forces that governed the earth; and that their powers could be used to foster the good of the tribe…
Read the full article, an excellent commentary on climate change idealogy here.



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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue