FOR THE RECORD: Obama sat on General Petraeus Affair – That’s Treason.

21st Century Wire Says: The General Petraeus Affair could come back to bite Obama badly. The White House knew about it, covered it up, all in order to secure an election victory. That’s a shrewd risk on the part of the White House. Power it seems, trumps the general welfare for some. General Petraeus and […]

Queen Elizabeth II: Helpless Hostage of ‘The City’ Insurance Syndicates?

Modern democracy was 700 years in the making- and took only 40 years to dismantle – The Runnymede Institute March 7, 2011 If her Majesty happened to be au fait with Morse Code, she would be blinking S-O-S each time she faced the camera to address the nation. Knowing that a cage doesn’t necessarily contain […]

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