Thatcher Gets Thrashing During House of Commons ‘Tribute’ Session

21st Century Wire | Thatcher legacy gets thumped into place by angry British MP. But whatever you do, do not mention Savile…

Margaret Thatcher dies of stroke at the age of 87

The Telegraph | Baroness Thatcher, Britain’s greatest post-war prime minister, has died at the age of 87 after suffering a stroke, her family has announced

Pedo-politician: Newsnight claims former top Tory was child sex pervert

21st Century Wire Says: This whole affair smells a bit too Beeb for us, after all, which ‘public broadcaster’ has a history of bottling investigations and licking the boots of Downing Street before an illegal war is launched. Which ‘public broadcaster’ internally shut down any investigative inquiry in the murder of Dr David Kelly, again, […]

Did Paxman and BBC bottle it with pedophile report for Newsnight tonight?

Justice Denied | Savile is only the tip of a massive iceberg.


21st Century Wire says: Has someone thrown Auntie Beeb a bone? What, a living paedophile – to be sacrificed tonight on the public alter with Paxman dropping the axe? Will it have a pulse this time? A senior politician, Labour, or Conservative, we hope it’s not who we think it is, errr, probably not… By […]

Paedohile Savile’s £4.3m Estate Frozen By Nat West

British Bank looking after Savile’s dwindling fortune NatWest Bank, which is acting Savile’s executor and trustee, said the distribution of his assets had been put on hold because of the allegations. His estate is reportedly worth £4.3 million. NatWest said in a statement: “Given the claims raised, distribution of the estate has been put on […]

Another Dead Conviction? Thatcher’s Top Aide Named Again in Downing Street Paedophile Ring

The politician implicated in an alleged child sex ring at 10 Downing Street was Sir Peter Morrison, one of Margaret Thatcher’s closest advisers, IBTimes UK can reveal. Morrison was the mystery “senior aide” MP Tom Watson alluded to at Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs). Watson’s allegation of a paedophile ring close to Downing Street stunned the […]


By Andrew McKillop 21st Century Wire August 18, 2011 Today, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has ordered his nation’s central bank to repatriate $11 billion of gold reserves held in developed nations’ institutions such as the Bank of England, as prices power through one record high after another, smashing through $1800 per ounce today. This puts […]


  The British Prime Minister has vowed that rioters will pay for what they’ve done, as he addressed Parliament in the wake of clashes that engulfed the country. What started as a peaceful protest against police shooting a man in North London quickly grew into scenes of bedlam. London-based political analyst Sukrat Chandan believes the […]

Unfair To Blame Technology For Assisting U.K. Rioters, Say Experts

By Lilly Vitorovich DOW JONES NEWSWIRES August 11, 2011 LONDON (Dow Jones) – Blackberry’s BBM messaging network and social networking sites were Tuesday being blamed for helping rioters in London spread word about the next hot spot, but industry experts said it’s unfair to point the finger at technology. Following three nights of rioting and […]