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Real Coverage of the Syrian Conflict

Since 2011, the Syrian War has become one of the most important battlefields in the world. Now in its 7th year, it remains one of the most misrepresented conflicts in history, as regime change-seeking Western and Gulf state powers seek to mislead the public by wrongly framing it as a 'civil war' when in fact it is any but that. With over 1,200 Syria-related articles in our archive, 21WIRE is determined to set the record straight, providing readers with groundbreaking coverage from the Middle East...

US, Israel Making Final Preparations for Wider War, Evacuate US Embassy in Lebanon

21WIRE | War planners in Washington DC and Tel Aviv coordinate how best to capitalise on the coming war in Syria.

Democrat Alan Grayson exposes Obama’s lies over Syria

21st Century Wire | At last, a Democratic Congressman who has a pair…

John Kerry: ‘Don’t Worry, the Arabs Will Bankroll Our War With Syria’

21st Century Wire | Kerry admits he’s prepared to pimp the US military out to his Gulf Arab allies…

Americans Not Sure What to Do About Obama’s War? Watch This…

Stuart J. Hooper | Here’s one citizen journalist’s advice to Americans on how to stop Washington’s drive to war…

Obama, Kerry getting cocky on war, but Congress may vote ‘No’ on Syria attack

21WIRE + RT | Whether they get their way this time or not, they risk a huge public backlash.

UK Column – Sept 5, 2013: ‘Gov’t and Media War Mongers vs The People’

UK Column Live | Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen expose the blatant and ceaseless propaganda spewing out of government and media mouths over the last 48 hours.

US, Britain Had Foreknowledge of Aug 2013 False Flag ‘Chemical Attack’ in Syria

21WIRE + Global Research | It appears now that the US, Britain and its allies have been lying to the public about recent events in Syria.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee votes in favor of Obama’s Syrian strike

21Wire + RT | Despite an overwhelmingly unpopular view of another war, the Committee was found to be in favor of Obama’s strike plan.

Hollande on Syria: That’s Me in The Spotlight, Losing My Religion

Andrew McKillop | Sacré bleu! The flaky arrogance of the French leadership is threatening world peace this week.

WAR PIGS: GOP’s Boehner, McCain, Graham conspire with Obama’s globalist push war in Syria

21st Century Wire | The war-machine of yesterday seems to be on repeat.

Most Americans oppose Syria strike, says latest Washington Post-ABC poll

POST + ABC | It looks like more chemical weapons propaganda is needed from the mainstream media.

C’est Masterplan: Surreal, Sadistic Syrian Subterfuge

21WIRE + Slope of Hope | American political leaders are currently relying on a high level of disinterest and ignorance about Syria.

Baguettes Not Bombs: Hollande may be forced to take ‘French leave’ with Syria

Peter Sterry | France will not do a thing unless the US brings on its smart missile cavalry.

Russians Detect Two Israeli Missiles Launched from Mediterranean Towards Syria


UK Column – Sept 2, 2013: King Obama, Chemicals Sold to Syria by UK, Brzezinski Speaks

UK Column Live | Patrick Henningsen and Mike Robinson with the international news update from the UK Column.

French Colonial Dreams Linger as Raison d’être in Syria

Andrew McKillop | French media including political talk shows on prime time are providing the infill, harking back to France’s civilizing mission and “unfinished business” in the Middle East.

Obama’s get-out clause is to blame Congress if they vote no, and has no Plan B on Syria

RT Video | The ‘decider’ Obama is having trouble deciding. His problems begin here…

Obama, the benevolent dictator: ‘I will allow Congress to vote on military action in Syria’

Patrick Henningsen | With language befitting of a true dictator, the President pauses to gives lip-service to the democratic process.

Ron Paul: Syria Chemical Attack Was A ‘False Flag’ to Suck US into Arming Jihadist Rebels

Story Leak | Whether you follow Ron Paul or not, he is right on the money over Syria.

‘Skull & Bones’ John Kerry fails to provide key evidence in Syria

21Wire + RT | John Kerry has had long sordid history of supporting unwarranted conflict in the Middle East.