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Real Coverage of the Syrian Conflict

Since 2011, the Syrian War has become one of the most important battlefields in the world. Now in its 7th year, it remains one of the most misrepresented conflicts in history, as regime change-seeking Western and Gulf state powers seek to mislead the public by wrongly framing it as a 'civil war' when in fact it is any but that. With over 1,200 Syria-related articles in our archive, 21WIRE is determined to set the record straight, providing readers with groundbreaking coverage from the Middle East...

Obama’s get-out clause is to blame Congress if they vote no, and has no Plan B on Syria

RT Video | The ‘decider’ Obama is having trouble deciding. His problems begin here…

Obama, the benevolent dictator: ‘I will allow Congress to vote on military action in Syria’

Patrick Henningsen | With language befitting of a true dictator, the President pauses to gives lip-service to the democratic process.

Ron Paul: Syria Chemical Attack Was A ‘False Flag’ to Suck US into Arming Jihadist Rebels

Story Leak | Whether you follow Ron Paul or not, he is right on the money over Syria.

‘Skull & Bones’ John Kerry fails to provide key evidence in Syria

21Wire + RT | John Kerry has had long sordid history of supporting unwarranted conflict in the Middle East.

The Stampede of Lies That’s Pushing the West Towards War in Syria

21st Century Wire | The shift has just hit the fan.

UK Column Live Aug 30th: How David Cameron’s March to War Was Stopped in Parliament

UK Column Live | David Cameron went down in history last night, joining the likes of Neville Chamberlain.

Obama reaction to Cameron’s Syria Defeat: ‘We will find our own legal route to war’

21WIRE + Reuters | White House saying: ‘Cameron’s defeat makes little difference to us’.

Cameron and Obama ‘humiliated’ as support for Syrian war fades

21WIRE + Bloomberg | This will prove to be a crushing blow to Obama’s planned strike against the sovereign nation

NO WAR FOR UK: Cameron’s War with Syria Defeated in House Vote

21st Century Wire | David Cameron’s march to war in the Middle East hit a wall tonight.

UK Column Live Aug 29th: Why Cameron is so desperate for war with Syria

UK Column Live | People everywhere are against war in Syria, but the government wants it badly. Here’s why…

Master of Deception Tony Blair: ‘No action in Syria means Islamic extremism will spread’

21WIRE + Telegraph | Blair crawls out of his hole – only to weigh-in on the latest globalist blood lust in Syria.

Dennis Kucinich: Obama Is ‘Rushing’ Towards World War III

21WIRE + RT | The White House continues to make claims that this is not a regime change.

British SAS Troops Already Deployed in Syria, Ahead of UK Parliamentary Vote Thurs

21WIRE + Mirror | The decision to go to war has already been decided – and executed, well in advance.

Saudi Prince Bandar’s second attempt at bribing Russia to drop support of Syria

Patrick Henningsen | It appears that Washington and Saudi Arabia’s dirty war in Syria, just got dirtier.

Lockheed Martin shares up amid news of chemical weapons pretext for war in Syria

Patrick Henningsen | How much more blood lust for dollars will it take for 21st century society to wake up to the greatest cons of all time?

John Kerry Delivers Obama’s War Declaration Against Syria

21WIRE + YouTube News | John Kerry will go down in history, along with Colin Powell, as a legendary liar for war.

Imperial Bombing: UK & US Set to ‘Strike’ Syria Within Days

21WIRE + The Telegraph | We are reminded of the true motivations of high ranking officials in both the UK and US.

Obama Now Preparing for Naval Missile Strike Against Syria

21WIRE + CBS | Obama is making final preparations for a “punitive” cruise missile strike against Syria.

Iranian Uranium Export Scheme Another ‘Manufactered’ Bust?

21WIRE + The Smoking Gun | Many law enforcement agencies have knowingly helped facilitate terror plots, only to later put a stop to events they helped create.

‘Chemical Weapons’ media propaganda in US, UK is designed to hide the truth in Syria

21st Century Wire | The mainstream media has put on a full-court press, giving a guilty verdict in a highly coordinated trial-by-media.