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Clearer Picture: Terrorists used chemical weapons in Syria

Debatable Opinion | Western media and politicians still ignore hard realities in Syria – and the truth about rebel chemical weapons stashes.

Syrian FM: ‘We intend to reclaim the Golan that Israel is occupying’

21WIRE + INN | Syria calls out Israel’s covert agenda to use Syrian chaos in order to seize the Golan Heights.

BACK TO BASICS: Oil Helps Unfreeze US-Iranian Relations

Andrew McKillop | Instability in oil markets may have forced Obama to the Iranian negotiations table.

US and its allies are now the driving force behind Syria’s ‘civil war’

21WIRE + RT | America’s dirty war in Syria is costing lives, and threatening the stability of the region…

It Gets Worse: John McCain Hires Fake PhD Syria ‘Expert’ Elizabeth O’Bagy

21WIRE + RT | Elizabeth O’Bagy ticks all the boxes needed for a high level intelligence operative, or even a US-Israeli double agent.

Mexican Standoff: Obama’s Ever-Shifting Doctrine on WMDs

Andrew McKillop | Real security and prosperity can no longer be found in the old paradigm of the mafia military mentality.

Syrian Puppet Opposition Gov Accuse Assad of Transferring WMDs to Hezbollah

21WIRE + Reuters | Incredibly, even the Israelis are not touching this one. That should tell you something.

EU Outrage Over Israeli Attack on International Humanitarian Aid Convoy in Palestine

21WIRE + RT | Predictably, Washington, London and Paris are all but silent on the matter, as is the UN.

Dog Eat Dog: A New Level of Jihadist Chaos Unfolds in Syria’s Dirty War

Andrew McKillop | As the chaos increases in Syria, a messy outcome is waiting down the road for Europe itself.

US Sen. Lindsey Graham seeking authorization for ‘attack’ on Iran

21WIRE + WE | Another dark soul is pushing for more blood in the Middle East.

Jihadi Blitzkrieg in Syria: Islamist militants are wiping out the moderate rebels

21WIRE + RT | The myth of the moderate armed opposition in Syria is now falling to piece.

Beyond Syria: No Attack – No Imperiums – No Global Community

Andrew McKillop | Syria has exposed a disturbing picture of what they call the ‘international community’.

Staged filming of chemical attack in Syria: Children in video ‘moved between locations’

RT | Syrian opposition used same children at different locations to create ‘chemical attack’ media stories.

Blogger posts videos allegedly showing Syria rebels using chemical weapons

RT | Prominent blogger ‘Brown Moses’, allegedly shows Syrian rebels using chemical weapons.

Obama to continue proxy in Syria despite Russia’s ‘diplomatic solution’

21Wire + Reuters | The hypocrisy over domestic gun control, while simultaneously supplying heavy artillery to rebel-terror groups in Syria is staggering.

New Study Confirms: ‘Al-Qaeda Extremists Are Carrying Rebel Fight in Syria’

21WIRE + RT | On top of this, the majority of armed “rebel” fighters in Syria are not from Syria at all.

France’s Hollande now lobbying UN for the ‘best way to get rid of Assad’

21WIRE + RT | Maybe it’s time for regime change in the US and France.

US and Russia reach initial agreement Syrian chemical weapons, but rebels reject it

21WIRE + WP | John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov shake hands following meetings regarding Syria in Geneva.

Kerry and McCain’s Fake PhD Syria ‘Expert’ O’Bagy is Neocon and Israeli-linked Operative

Patrick Henningsen | She will forever be known as Kerry and McCain’s own sexier version of “curve ball” for Syria.

Grinding to a Halt: Western ‘Exceptionalism’ Exposed

21Wire + WP | Putin exposed the “exceptionalism” of the morally bankrupt politicians in Washington.