Engineered Chaos: Swedish Teens Riot Over Paedophile Instagram Account

21st Century Wire says… As we can now see, Facebook and other social networking giants will be playing their specific roles in the coming internet chaos and clampdown – by merging online applications and thus enabling mass invasion of privacy, virtual problem-reaction-solution scenarios can spark new outrage and be used by regulators and professional trolls […]

Both Italy and Sweden Aiming to Be Cashless Societies

Patrick Henningsen 21st Century Wire Sept 11, 2012 Another 911, and the elites’ dream of a One World Order moves closer to reality. Enter the cashless society, likely to enter via the back door of our society much faster than people think… This latest report is eerily reminiscent of the recent IBM TV advert which is […]

WIKIREBELS: The Documentary

     Watch this documentary covering the Wikileaks phenomenon. “There is no doubt that on the whole, Wikileaks and Julian Assange have done a tremendous public service by providing the public with war-time transparency on the big stage. The effort by the organisation is nothing short of groundbreaking. But this does not mean that newshounds and pundits will be […]