FOR THE RECORD: Obama sat on General Petraeus Affair – That’s Treason.

21st Century Wire Says: The General Petraeus Affair could come back to bite Obama badly. The White House knew about it, covered it up, all in order to secure an election victory. That’s a shrewd risk on the part of the White House. Power it seems, trumps the general welfare for some. General Petraeus and […]

“You’re either with us, or against us’ – Theresa May strips British passport from Muslim care worker who refused to join MI5, now in African prison

Mahdi Hashi is thought to be in prison in the African state of Djibouti (site of new American base) While he was visiting Somalia, Theresa May deprived him of all his rights as a British national He was accused of extremist activities but his parents say this is wrong After landing at Heathrow, he was […]

Russian Charge D’affaires confirms 21st Century Wire story: UK media goes blackout

Editors Note: Special thanks to our reporter and research assistants for having the foresight and trusted sources needed in order to verify this connection. Amazingly- or not, we originally broke this story nearly one week before the mainstream media, further proving that small independent news sites like this one are often a step ahead of […]

Tit-for-Tat Diplomatic Row Pits Putin Against the Queen

By Giles Dexter Whitehall Correspondent 21st Century Wire Dec 7, 2010 The tit-for-tat diplomatic row between Britain and Russia escalated today when in a sensational development a senior Russian Figure admitted Vladimir Putin had held secret talks with key FIFA Officials in the build up to last week’s summit. Russia side-stepped England along with two other joint European bids […]