21st Century Wire TV – Episode 7 – ‘FOCUS ON IRAN’

Part 1 – We speak with veteran international broadcaster Afshin Rattansi to discuss Iran’s demographics, economy, internal politics, post-revolution culture and where the country currently resides on the geopolitical scene… Part 2 - We speak with independent researcher and science writer Dante Xavier Voltaire to discuss Iran’s emerging technologies which may come as a surprise to […]

Quantum Life: Who are we, where do we come from, and why are we here?

Mike Adams | Stephen Hawking has got it wrong in his quest to master the “theory of everything”.

Dante Voltaire: ‘Future Tense’ – The Rising Expectation of Global Change in 2012

Dante Xavier | Learn to CHOOSE YOUR PERSPECTIVE – a very scary thing for the elite, as they continue to rely on choosing our perspective for us

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