Kokesh: presidential run in ’2020′ to abolish federal government

21st Century Wire | Kokesh vows to make a bid for the 2020 presidential election

IT’S NOT ALL BAD NEWS: ‘Big Sis’ Janet Napolitano resigns from DHS

21st Century Wire | She will be remembered as someone who helped built the hated police state in America.

CONFIRMED: Hillary Clinton Will Run for President in 2016

21WIRE | Just when you thought it can’t get any worse…

Obama Wins Second Term, But America Remains More Divided Than Ever

21st Century Wire says… The Washington Post called the election this morning at 5am GMT (our London Time), with the headline: ‘Obama wins second term, says ‘I’ll return to the White House more determined’.  Now that the entertainment is over – now that the world’s longest sporting event is finally over for FOX and CNN, […]

Furry Over Poland Claims of Explosives on 2010 Presidential Plane Crash – Key Witness Found Hanged

All Gov | Poland’s top politicians were murdered in a plane crash – but why?

BENGHAZI-GATE: Washington’s Violent Internal Feud Over Libya Attack

By Sean Sullivan Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has made a concerted effort to exploit the Sept. 11 attack on a U.S. diplomatic post in Libya for political gain, David Axelrod charged Sunday. There “is no doubt he is working hard to exploit this issue,” Axelrod, a senior campaign adviser to President Obama, said of […]

SUPER CONGRESS: Lessons in Representation, Secession and Taxation

SARTRE | Dear Mr. President: It’s over. We’re leaving the Union.


The ECB is technically insolvent, but we won’t hear that on primetime By Andrew McKillop 21st Century Wire July 16, 2011 Once upon a time there was the Eurozone and its all-new hard money, the EURO… It got off to a good start with a monstrously high forced surrender cash-in rate for the national moneys […]

Gold and Silver Likely to Go Parabolic Due to ‘Global Shockwaves’ if U.S. Defaults

Before it’s News July 16, 2011 Gold is some 0.5% lower against the U.S. dollar and most currencies today but higher in Australian dollars as the Aussie fell on Australian and global economic growth concerns. Asian equity indices were mixed as are European indices. Bond markets have seen subdued trading but Greek bonds are again […]


Andrew McKillop | The fear of anarchy and revolution in the post-liberal world – and a total loss for global finance players – is now moving up the teleprompter.


FLASH ANALYSIS By Andrew McKillop 21st Century Wire May 24, 2011 Question: Why could gold go parabolic? Prices for the Yellow Metal have recently suffered, along with silver, from sudden investor retreat using rationales like ‘inflation is beaten’, the global economy is recovering and the US dollar is getting stronger. Against the overvalued euro, maybe, […]

The Strauss-Kahn Affair: It’s Now Make or Break Time for the IMF

By Andrew McKillop 21st Century Wire May 20, 2011 In the wake of the Strauss-Kahn affair, real economic events are fast conspiring to reshape the global financial playing field. What the big player governments on the IMF Executive Board want- and want fast, is action to stave off international financial meltdown. They also need continuing multi-billion dollar […]

The Strauss Kahn Frame-Up: The Amerikan Police State Strides Forward

Paul Craig Roberts Infowars.com May 18, 2011 The International Monetary Fund’s director, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was arrested last Sunday in New York City on the allegation of an immigrant hotel maid that he attempted to rape her in his hotel room. A New York judge has denied Strauss-Kahn bail on the grounds that he might flee […]

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