LEAKED VIDEO: Shock footage reveals historical roots of ‘Occupy Movement’

21WIRE | The answers to why ‘Occupy’ failed so badly contained in this shocking video…

Seismic Fears: UK Govt Allows Super-Polluting Fracking Technology

The UK government has given the green-light to the resumption of the controversial gas-drilling technique, known as fracking. The UK government has given the green-light to the resumption of the controversial gas-drilling technique, known as fracking… -


21st Century Wire November 28, 2011 Making demands won’t further the Occupy Wall Street movement, but showing the 1% what the 99% can do it ultimately more powerful. Step one: Disengage with the system you are unhappy with…

A US-Backed Military Junta in Egypt Was Always The Plan

By Patrick Henningsen 21st Century Wire November 24, 2011 This week has seen round two take place in Egypt between the ruling elite and public reformers, as protests converged once again on Cairo’s central Tahrir Square. But this time, there will be no help on the way from the beacons of democracy in the west. As thousands […]

THE FINANCIAL COLLAPSE: ‘It’s not rocket science’

21st Century Wire November 23, 2011 It’s not rocket science. If you wish to get vocal and active on the subject of the global financial collapse, then it is key that you learn the basic fundamentals of the argument and commit them to memory. Here is short film that will get you started on your […]

Obama to the world: ‘Do as we say, not as we do’

Patrick Henningsen | Washington still felt it was somehow ‘winning’ when they went on to demand that both Libya and Syria to ‘show restraint and let democracy take it’s natural course’.

Climate Crazies hope to piggy-back on Occupy London OLSX this weekend

By Patrick Henningsen 21st Century Wire October 14, 2011 It was only a matter of time. When the Occupy Wall Street movement pitched its tent up in New York in mid September, their singularity of purpose seemed to be tangible enough- including actual real world issues and problems like mega banks ripping off the population, lobbyist running […]

OCCUPY: Mindless Americans Falling Prey to ‘New Revolution Business’ and the Collectivist Trap?

Patrick Henningsen | Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests have pioneered a technique dubbed as “The People’s Microphone” – and it’s mind control for the masses.