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Two Trump Tweets Debunk Russian Connection Conspiracy

21WIRE Pelosi and Schumer have been caught very Red handed.

Obama, Kerry getting cocky on war, but Congress may vote ‘No’ on Syria attack

21WIRE + RT | Whether they get their way this time or not, they risk a huge public backlash.

Beltway X Files: New Species of Deadly Reptilian Invertebrate Found in Washington DC

Patrick Henningsen | A rare new species of political animal has been discovered slithering around Capitol Hill.


Cheney might be frightening to some, but he’s not to be outdone by this one, screaming from across the aisle… Nancy Pelosi really did push for Healthcare Reform or whatever it turned out to be (in the end it was a bailout for the Insurance giants) but it could not stem the collagen nightmare on Pennsylvania […]


By Patrick Henningsen Editor Sept 19, 2010 21st Century Wire History will most likely define this present political generation as the one who will either have stemmed the tide of reckless federal expansion, or the one who was brought to its knees by it. If you can for moment, unzip yourself from whatever political bio-suit […]

“The Fall of the Republic”

(CLICK PICTURE TO ENLARGE) Marvel here at one of the great Neo-classical masterpieces, “The Fall of the Republic”, chronicling the rise, slide and fall of this once great Constitutional Republic. It’s an age-old scene where the characters may change but the story doesn’t. An empire in decline, a happy time when style reigns over substance […]