ENIGMA: The Latest NSA Encryption Challenge

Mike Rivero | The ultimate ENCRYPTION masterclass to challenge the NSA’s illegal spying and data theft.

We Are Human Guinea Pigs: DARPA and IBM help launch new low frequency microwave mobile data network

21st Century Wire | We are already bathing in radiation – now global tech giants want to increase it.

SKYNET IS COMING: Computers will taste, smell and hear within five years, IBM predicts

Wash Post | SKYNET wasn’t just science fiction, as we will soon find out with AI…

Russia Warning of a Catastrophic December 21st 2012 ‘Event Horizon’

A startling report prepared by the Foreign Intelligence Service states that evidenced uncovered by France’s General Directorate for External Security, during their investigation into the hacking of former President Nicolas Sarkozy’s computers by the United States and Israel, is revealing that our world is about to experience a “technological singularity,” which is seen as an intellectual “event horizon,” beyond […]