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NATO’s Nightmare: Russia Uses Mediterranean to Fire Cruise Missiles Into Syria

21WIRE | Russia displays military force in NATO’s backyard.

Putin: ‘ISIS Financing Comes From G20 Member Nations’

21WIRE | Putin points out the disturbing source of the world’s ISIS problem.

SHOCKER: Hollande says ISIS is France’s Enemy, NOT Assad!

21WIRE | This comes after years of open support for terrorists seeking to overthrow Assad.

DECIMATING ISIS: Russia Destroys 448 Terrorist Facilities in Last 3 Days in Syria

21WIRE | They’re getting the job done.

Crazed US Senator Wants War with Russia!

21WIRE | Simply put, this is absolute foreign policy illiteracy.

US Finally Admits ‘Moderates’ Are Joining The Terrorists in Syria

21WIRE | Why did it take them so long to figure this out?

US Special Forces Deployed as ‘Human Shields’ to Salvage Terror Assets in Syria

Finian Cunningham | US Special Forces are being used as “human shields” to curb Russian air strikes against terrorists.

Confrontation Coming? US Deploys Jets Intended for Air-to-Air Combat to Syria

21WIRE | Diplomacy is always secondary to military force in today’s world.

PROPAGANDA FAIL: 5 of 6 Syrian Hospitals Allegedly Hit by Russian Airstrikes Don’t Exist

21WIRE | Some basic fact checking would have saved the Western media from this embarrassment.

Putin: US Using Terrorists as ‘Battering Ram to Overthrow Regimes They Don’t Like!’

21WIRE | Putin has more harsh words for Western foreign policy decisions in Syria.

‘I think it was Russian!’ – Media Pushing Baseless Claim That ‘Putin is Bombing Civilians’ in Syria

Stuart J. Hooper | With stories like this, it is starting to look like the journalistic profession is dead in the West.

‘Have you any common sense?’ – Putin Crushes BBC Journalist’s Stupid Questions

21WIRE | It turns out that common sense is quite severely lacking in mainstream, Western journalism.

Jihadists Slaughter Each Other For Resources As Russia Cuts Supply Lines

21WIRE | A huge surge in infighting has occurred as basic supplies are now hard to find for the terrorists.

NATO BLIND: Top Secret Russian Air Defence System Deployed in Syria

21WIRE | Russia is in the process of technologically preventing NATO from implementing their agenda.

ISIS RETREATING: Russia Destroys 33 Key Targets Forcing Jihadists to Flee

21WIRE | ISIS is quickly crumbling into dust.

Lavrov on ‘Insignificant’ US Airstrikes: ‘Maybe their stated goal is not entirely sincere?’

21WIRE | Russia has a lot of questions, and even a warning, for the US after their actions in Syria.

US Airdrops 50 Tons of Ammo to ‘Rebels’ After ISIS Loses Most Supplies in Russian Airstrikes

21WIRE | Who exactly is going to get their hands on those 50 tons of munitions?

Anonymous Officials: CIA-Backed Rebels Were Making Progress Before Putin’s Airstrikes

21WIRE | There are numerous glaring issues with this report, allegedly from US ‘officials’.

ANKARA BLASTS: War on Kurds, ISIS Terrorism, or, False Flag?

Stuart J. Hooper | A look at three possible explanations for today’s tragic events.

Putin Destroys 40% of ISIL’s Infrastructure in One Week

21WIRE | The Russians are not waiting around for the West.