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USA News Archives

Big Medical: Cancer Doctor Indicted for Billing for Unnecessary Chemo Treatments

21WIRE + The Nation | Imagine how this type of scam could fester under Obamacare…

Senator Mitch McConnell ‘caves’ on Obamacare defunding effort

21st Century Wire | McConnell’s ‘Chameleon-like’ ways over Obamacare.

Encrypted email service Lavabit forced to shutdown amidst US surveillance ‘creep’

21WIRE + RT | Is it any wonder why public trust in government agencies is at an all-time low?

Obamacare Sneak Preview: Black teen denied life-saving heart transplant for ‘non-compliance’

21WIRE + RT | This is a good example of the future under a brutal healthcare rationing regime.

Iraq war vet speaks out: ‘We’re building a domestic army in America’

21WIRE + YouTube | It should be obvious by now that Homeland Security is preparing to engage the public.

Obama, McCain and Graham are empowering the church-burning fanatics in Egypt

21WIRE + TDS | Why is Washington DC’s political elite so adamant about backing a theocratic minority government?

Will Obamacare be the ‘Pandora’s Box’ of the Neo-Eugenics Movement?

21Wire + WE | There is no telling what kind of ‘Pandora’s Box’ Obamacare will be.

Zero Attendance for Washington DC ‘Climate Change’ Rally

Free Beacon | A dying mythology…

NSA replacing 1000 humans, transferring jobs to ‘the cloud’

21 WIRE + WP | Do you trust the NSA with this new technology?

Obama’s Dog Airlifted in Osprey Helicopter to latest family vacation in Martha’s Vineyard

Washington Times | How much does it cost to airlift your dog on another family holiday?

Exercise Vibrant Response ‘role plays’ nuclear terror in America

21WIRE + FTM | “All the world is a stage.”

NSA-cum-SKYNET: ‘Future Snowdens will be replaced by computers’

21WIRE + RT | It’s official: our government has lost control and cannot make decisions any longer.

Snowden’s encrypted email service Lavabit voluntarily throws itself under the bus

21WIRE + RT | When it comes to cloak and digital dagger with Snowden, we don’t know jack…

Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Forces US Court Ruling Declaring it a ‘Real Currency’

21WIRE + RT | A Bernie Madoff protégé from East Texas managed to dupe a lot of Bitcoin lovers…

MK ULTRA assassin Nidal Hasan is seeking his own death penalty

21WIRE + WP | Who is Nidal Hassan? He’s certainly is not your everyday Army shrink.

What will happen when Bilderberger Jeff Bezos takes over the Washington Post?

Patrick Henningsen | Jeff Bezos is on Bilderberg’s steering committee, so where is he steering our news media?

Obama Blows out Putin over Snowden Affair

21WIRE + RT | The Junior Senator from Illinois just bottled it, again.

Trouble: Senators Graham & McCain trying to control future of Egypt

21WIRE + Reuters | This is Egypt 2.0, where puppet regimes have become the favoured political poison under the guidance US-Western interests.

NSA to Hackers: ‘Please come and work for us’

21WIRE + WP | NSA trying to recruit White Hat hackers to do their Black Hat work.

NSA chief admits ‘We’ve only foiled one terror plot’ (and even that one is bogus)

21WIRE + WP | There is NO basis for such a program, unless it’s designed to spy on innocent citizens.