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Cold Case: Climate agenda ‘frozen’ for decades to come

21Wire + WE | It turns out that the only thing ‘submerged’ is the global warming lie.

Empire Games and The Syrian Headbanger

Andrew McKillop | America and France’s downsized imperial dreams may soon have jumbo-sized competitors.

Kerry Panics: Russian-UN ‘chemical weapons’ proposal accepted by Syria

21Wire + AP | Putin crafts a resolution before the world is sent careening towards disaster.

John McCain: Out of Touch, Out to Lunch and No Longer Fit for Public Office

21st Century Wire | It seems that America, and the world, has had enough of the off-color antics of John McCain.

Wide Awake: ‘Designer Democracy’ Rejected by Global Awakening Over Syria

21st Century Wire | Globalism and democracy have reached an “event horizon” by being sucked into its own black hole of political deception.

Chosen By Blood: Jeb Bush to present Hillary Clinton with ‘dark’ medal of freedom

21Wire + CNS | Clinton has been directly linked to one of the biggest scandals in recent memory.

Lame Duck: Will Obama’s strike plan ‘fade’ after lack of support?

21Wire + DC | Obama has been shut down by a massive campaign from Americans to vote “no” on Syria.

Footage of chemical attack on Aug 21st in Syria is fraud

21WIRE + RT | More of Obama and Kerry’s “evidence” exposed as fraudulent war propaganda.

UK Column – Sept 6, 2013: ‘Avalanche of Lies by US for Their War in Syria’

UK Column Live | Brian Gerrish and Patrick Henningsen with an international news update from the UK Column…

US, Israel Making Final Preparations for Wider War, Evacuate US Embassy in Lebanon

21WIRE | War planners in Washington DC and Tel Aviv coordinate how best to capitalise on the coming war in Syria.

Democrat Alan Grayson exposes Obama’s lies over Syria

21st Century Wire | At last, a Democratic Congressman who has a pair…

Putin on Syria at G20: ‘Kerry’s Lies Are Pathetic’

21WIRE + TIME | John Kerry was put in his job so that the true architect of the Syrian War, Hillary Clinton, would not be tarnished by her handy work.

John Kerry: ‘Don’t Worry, the Arabs Will Bankroll Our War With Syria’

21st Century Wire | Kerry admits he’s prepared to pimp the US military out to his Gulf Arab allies…

Americans Not Sure What to Do About Obama’s War? Watch This…

Stuart J. Hooper | Here’s one citizen journalist’s advice to Americans on how to stop Washington’s drive to war…

Obama, Kerry getting cocky on war, but Congress may vote ‘No’ on Syria attack

21WIRE + RT | Whether they get their way this time or not, they risk a huge public backlash.

UK Column – Sept 5, 2013: ‘Gov’t and Media War Mongers vs The People’

UK Column Live | Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen expose the blatant and ceaseless propaganda spewing out of government and media mouths over the last 48 hours.

US, Britain Had Foreknowledge of Aug 2013 False Flag ‘Chemical Attack’ in Syria

21WIRE + Global Research | It appears now that the US, Britain and its allies have been lying to the public about recent events in Syria.

China Rejects the US-Saudi-Israeli Plan For the Middle East

Andrew McKillop | The US and their allies are still running their old software for mismanaging the MENA region.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee votes in favor of Obama’s Syrian strike

21Wire + RT | Despite an overwhelmingly unpopular view of another war, the Committee was found to be in favor of Obama’s strike plan.

UK Column Live Sept 4th: Did US, UK have foreknowledge of Syria chemical false flag?

UK Column | Why was Brooks Newmark MP meeting Free Syrian Army General Idris in Syria?