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Hollywood Comes Real: Future of Warfare ‘Decided by Drones’ Not Humans

21st Wire + NJ | Without the consultation of their human masters, working autonomously, coldly responding to a set of criteria.

Carnegie Mellon University Create Messaging App That NSA Snoops Cannot Hack

21WIRE + CBS Local | CMU’s new SafeSlinger is free on the iTunes store, and Google play store for Android phones.

Washington DC Caught Running Fuel Tax Scam

21WIRE + WP | There are countless gas and fuel tax scams currently being run by governments all over the US….

Broke: US Can’t Afford Base in Okinawa – Japan to rescue Pentagon with bailout for move

21WIRE + RT | Plans are being drawn up to relocate thousands of US troops off the island, to other sites like Guam – but US cannot afford the whole cost involved.

‘Ride for the Constitution’ Hopes to Shutdown Corruption in Washington DC

US News & World Report | Police must detain ‘accessories’ to ‘treason’ or truckers will, organizers say.

Episode #5 – SUNDAY WIRE SHOW with host Patrick Henningsen

SUNDAY WIRE | Bang-up episode with guests David Shayler, Basil Valentine and Brian Gerrish.

OFFICIAL: Scientists link sonar mapping to whale strandings worldwide

21WIRE + WP | You can see where this argument is heading – beyond farce, towards a criminal conspiracy.

THEATRE: Forget the government shutdown – it’s about shutting YOU down

Hagmann & Hagmann | All the world is a stage, where Washington wants you to sit down, shut up, and play your passive role.

Egypt Flares Up (Again) – Inching Towards Possible Civil War?

21WIRE + RT | How long until a full-blown civil war in Egypt finally takes place?

The Idiot Savant Speaks: Kerry insists latest US raid in Libya is ‘legal’, and will ‘do it again’

21WIRE + RT | Kerry reacted to the ‘kidnapping’ complaint from the Libyan government by recommending more operations.

Israeli subterfuge? Iran arrests 4 men plotting ‘nuclear facilities sabotage’

21WIRE + RT | This latest sabotage effort seems intent on derailing peaceful efforts between the West and Iran.

British Company SERCO under Investigation for fraud related to Obamacare

21WIRE + Examiner.com | To falsify returns once is once too many. To falsify 252 times represents a pattern of behavior.

‘Obama Bodyguards’, DC Cops, Gun Down Unarmed Black Woman – Where is Al Sharpton?

21st Century Wire | Miriam Carey was killed in cold blood. Something is very, very wrong in America right now.

How Do You Say ‘McCain’ in Hebrew? It’s “Netanyahu”…

Andrew McKillop | Netanyahu still pledges to annihilate Iran. Do we need to take him seriously?

Clearer Picture: Terrorists used chemical weapons in Syria

Debatable Opinion | Western media and politicians still ignore hard realities in Syria – and the truth about rebel chemical weapons stashes.

OUTSIDE THE BOX: War! What is it Good For? (absolutely nothing)

UK COLUMN TV | OUTSIDE THE BOX in its 4th Episode, as Host Jason Liosatos speaks with David Swanson.

LOADED: Woman shot dead US Capitol Police during government shutdown

21Wire + AP | Something doesn’t pass the smell test on this one.

Big Brother Partially Shut Down: Over Six Thousand NSA Workers Furloughed

21WIRE + Zero Hedge | The real picture about “furloughed” Federal staff is slowly emerging this week.

The Coming Apocalypse: Brzezinski in His Own Words

Common Sense Show | Brzezinski blames accessibility to radio, television and the Internet for the “universal awakening of mass political consciousness.

Breaking The Chains: Our Financial System is Pulling Us Down

Jason Liosatos | Most people have no savings and are in debt to credit cards, loans, and mortgages.