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Losing the Plot: Al Gore Compares Climate Change Deniers To Racists And Drunks

21WIRE + Huff Post | Gore’s church is all about collecting money and consolidating political power.

DOJ wants Bush, Senior White House members exempt from ‘war crimes’ in Iraq

21WIRE + RT | President Bush and his neo-con gang abused international law with their invasion of Iraq, they should not be exempt from war crimes.

UK Column Live: Sarin attack, chemical attack, no attack? West back-pedalling on Syria

UK Column Live | Today we see more ambiguous ‘evidence’ and confusion from the mainstream press and the political bag men.

Iranian Uranium Export Scheme Another ‘Manufactered’ Bust?

21WIRE + The Smoking Gun | Many law enforcement agencies have knowingly helped facilitate terror plots, only to later put a stop to events they helped create.

Anti-Stand Your Ground PSA Video a ‘gross’ violation of liberty

21WIRE + Watchdog Wire | The Government and media choose events to suit an overall agenda, omitting the truth.

‘Chemical Weapons’ media propaganda in US, UK is designed to hide the truth in Syria

21st Century Wire | The mainstream media has put on a full-court press, giving a guilty verdict in a highly coordinated trial-by-media.

Naked Tyranny: UK Gov’t defends detention David Miranda, as Guardian caves into threats

21WIRE + WP | Miranda was “forced to give passwords” to computers, email and social media accounts to his interrogators.

Media hypes latest ‘chemical’ attack in Syria but evidence does not add up

21WIRE + TDS | Frustration is mounting in Washington, London, Tel Aviv and Paris, and they will do anything to intervene militarily.

Nightmare for Life in the Pacific Ocean: Fukushima disaster still ‘unfolding’

21WIRE + CIC | The nightmare in Fukushima continues.

An Independent Army: It’s the poets who ‘destroy’ the old order

21WIRE + NoMoreFakeNews | The artists and poets will challenge the oppressive mechanisms of the ‘old order’.

Resurrecting Osama: Musharraf arrest for Benazir Bhutto assassination reignites the ‘bin Laden question’

21WIRE + AP | Former Army chief and President is now being thrown under the bus to bury the bin Laden hoax.

Greenwald’s partner detained by UK border security under Schedule 7 of Terrorism Act

21WIRE + RT London | Partner Miranda was detained, questioned and had all of his electronic possessions confiscated

Lost Obama footage reveals push towards ‘Common Ground’ collectivist ideology

21WIRE + YouTube | Blind to the birth of tyranny.

Zuckerberg’s Facebook page hacked by unemployed web developer

21WIRE + WP | If we were in charge of the social network, we would’ve hired him on the spot.

TV Fakery in Egypt: Al Jazeera crisis actor caught out on camera pretending to be wounded

21st Century Wire | CNN would be jealous. Don’t expect Al Jazeera to ever air this clip again.

Time Magazine reporter Grunwald calls for ‘deadly’ drone strike on Wikileaks’ Assange

21WIRE + RT | Grunwald flaunted his hate for the individual in a way that would make MSNBC host Chris Matthews blush with envy.

Glenn Danzig: Democrats are ‘fascists’ disguised as liberals

21WIRE + CP | Misfits singer Glenn Danzig, sounds off about liberal hypocrisy in America.

Princess Diana taken out by SAS hit squad: Cops probing latest ‘sensational’ claim by black-ops soldier

21WIRE + Mirror | Establishment are already running for cover, trying to spin away the latest claim that Diana was assassinated.


21st Century Wire | Our first installment of a new weekly show will be broadcast on GMN this Sunday.

Obamacare RFID Implants? Worst-Case Scenario for Implanted Medical Devices

21WIRE + Console and Hollawell | It couldn’t happen, but suppose it did?