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U.S. Federal Reserve Celebrates 100 Years of Failure

James Hall | Consolidate the control of money into a concealed cartel of banking houses that ultimately decide economic and political policy.

Was Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev given orders via Majestic Mind Control?

21Wire + RT | This is another bizarre revelation, in a year of strangely violent events.

Harvard Bomb Hoax reveals ‘Mass Casualty Drills’ conducted in Cambridge

21st Century Wire | So many “real-life” terror events have occurred during or after planned drills.

Loretta Fuddy: The Most Unlucky Person of 2013 – or was she killed to cover a big lie?

21WIRE + NBC News | Is it just a coincidence that Loretta Fuddy was the only non-survivor of this non-fatal Cessna crash?

Episode #12 – SUNDAY WIRE SHOW: ‘Saying the Unsayable’ with host Patrick Henningsen

THE SUNDAY WIRE | Another great 3 hour broadcast this week, covering the things that no one seems to want to talk about.

SANDY HOOK: One year later there are more ‘questions’ than answers

21st Century Wire | Digging for answers in the aftermath of tragedy has been condemned.

Ireland Exits Troika Bailout, Prepares For Bail-ins: Nothing’s Changed and Don’t Believe Official Talk

21WIRE + Zero Hedge | The Irish economy is a total mess, so do you believe the heads of finance?

Comet ISON break-up: What could happen on Dec 16th in South Africa

Dahboo77 | All the world’s leaders are in South Africa, near its huge Sun Temple. Who will attend this ritual and why?

How AIPAC is steering Democrats and Republicans AWAY from US peace deal with Iran

21WIRE + Mondoweis | Now Washington’s groundbreaking nuclear ‘peace deal’ with Iran is being run off the road by a foreign lobby.

Video: How to Check Which Gov’t Agency is Spying on Your Smartphone

21WIRE + Susan Duclos | A must watch for everyone, and let us know what results you find…

Obama’s Wars Winding Down: The Perpetual Illusion of ‘Enduring Security’

Andrew McKillop | How quickly the Middle East agenda changed, almost overnight.

New ‘Revelations’ on Kenya Mall Massacre: There were only FOUR shooters – who escaped alive

21WIRE + NBC | Even the mainstream media can’t avoid the facts surrounding the Kenya Mall staged media event.

NSA, GCHQ deploy agents into World of Warcraft, Second Life to spy and recruit gamers

RT | Real-life agents have been deployed into the Xbox, World of Warcraft multiplayer and the virtual world of Second Life,

NSA abuses accurately predicted in 1967 Hollywood film ‘The President’s Analyst’

Brasscheck TV | This film flopped flopped commercially when it came out, but now it’s achieved a cult status.

Confirmed: Obama Lied About ‘Assad gassing to death over a thousand people’

21WIRE + Seymour Hersh | Whose Sarin Was it Anyway?

Kanine Terrorist Grounds Flight: Blind man and guide dog kicked off plane – passengers leave with him

21st Century Wire | Animal terrorist halts East Coast flight, as flight staff become frightened by dog’s ‘threatening’ behaviour.

The Magic Security Cult and Its Bungled Trip to Paradise

Andrew McKillop | The range of farcical events and “scandals”, with or without the body parts on the sidewalk, shows we need another explanation to this desperation.

Episode #11 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘What They Were Afraid Tell You at Harvard Business School’

SUNDAY WIRE | You wouldn’t believe it even we told you exactly how they do it.

UK Column Live – Dec 6th week wrap-up with host Brian Gerrish and guest Patrick Henningsen

UK Column | Friday’s weekly wrap-up of European and international news with host Brian Gerrish and Patrick Henningsen.

THE REAL INFOWAR: Interview with John Judge circa 1989

Brasscheck TV | Before the internet, researchers collected books, and press clipping files – and radio. Here is one story.