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Trump Rally In Austin TX – Protesters Largely Outnumbered by Trump Supporters

21WIRE | Pro Trump rally in rainy Austin TX: Peaceful Trump supporters greatly outnumber protesters. Brief scuffle over a flag instigated by anti Trump protester caught on video.

Boiler Room #99 – Almost to 100!

Boiler Room | The Boiler gang is discussing the latest gobblie-gook and hubbub on the interwebz and the lame stream-media.

Episode #174 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Fake News’ Week In Review

SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new world…

Boiler Room #97 – Mermaids and Swamp Life

Alternate Current Radio | The Boiler gang is discussing the latest on Trump, immigration, cultural warfare, media psyops, virtual reality, brexit, trans humanism, Bundy Ranch trial and more.

Boiler Room #96 – The Great Lobster Degeneracy & The Art of Debate

Alternate Current Radio | Join Hesher, Spore, Jay Dyer, Andy Nowicki, Stewart Howe and Randy J, for the 96th episode of Boiler Room. Show starts 30 minutes early today and is followed by a special broadcast live debate between Jay Dyer and Adam Kokesh.

Soldier Attacked by Knife-wielding Man Outside Louvre

21WIRE + RT | The Louvre museum in Paris has been cordoned off after a French soldier opened fire on an attacker, wounding him, local media report.

Boiler Room #95 – Weapons of Mass Penetration

Alternate Current Radio | BOILER ROOM recording LIVE Feb 2nd with Hosts Hesher & Spore along with Jay Dyer, Andy Nowicki and the rest of the ACR brain trust.

Boiler Room #94 – President Trump & The Great Neo-Liberal Freakout of 2017

Boiler Room | BOILER ROOM Gang breaking down Anti-fa assault on Richard Spenser, Trump’s first week in office and the outlandish behavior of the Neo-Liberal left after the nation rejected their identity politics and PC culture.

Boiler Room #92 – The (Hollywood) Hills Have Eyes

Alternate Current Radio | Hesher, Spore, Stewart Howe and Andy Nowicki breaking down Trump calling CNN Fake News, taking Big Pharma down a notch on wall street and more.

Boiler Room #91 – The Swear Jar Overfloweth

Alternate Current Radio | The ACR “Brain-trust” returns for the first BOILER ROOM of 2017, Chicago torture case, movie reviews and Syria are covered.

Boiler Room #90 – Downtown Brown and The Loss & Curse of Celebrity

Alternate Current Radio | Hesher, Spore, Jay Dyer, Basil Valentine and Stewart Howe drop into the ACR mind meld zone on Boiler Room.

Boiler Room #89 – Island of Misfit Toys

Alternate Current Radio | The Boiler Room is celebrating the holidays and talking about the (not-so) hidden racism found in liberal mainstream media propaganda.

Boiler Room EP #87

Alternate Current Radio | BOILER ROOM is back for its 87th episode on its new day for LIVE shows, Thursdays on ACR, with all your favorite political animals.

Boiler Room EP #86 – Kek Comes To Pizzatown

Alternate Current Radio | Hesher, Spore, Patrick H, Stewart H, Daniel S, Randy J mull over pizzagate, the liberation of Eastern Aleppo and the access pipeline dispute in the Dakotas.

Boiler Room EP #85.5 – Who’s Watching The Watchers?

Alternate Current Radio | Hesher and Randy J break down the underlying themes and read between the lines with regards to the machinations of the deep state elements and the intent of the House Oversight Committee.

Boiler Room EP #85 – The Return of the Social Rejects Club

Alternate Current Radio | Hesher, Spore, Daniel S, Andy N and Jay D boiling up some Boiler Room banter for the 85th edition of ACRs top uninterruptible talk radio show.

Boiler Room EP #84 – The Discredited Media Strikes Back

Alternate Current Radio | Hesher, Spore, Jay Dyer, Andy Nowicki & Daniel Spaulding discuss the fading credibility & tantrums of the mainstream media.

Boiler Room EP #83 – Wouldn’t It Be Nice…

Alternate Current Radio | Hesher, Spore, Daniel Spaulding & Stewart Howe breaking down the pros and potential cons of the historic selection of President Elect Donald J. Trump.

Boiler Room EP #82 – Mind-boggling Collusion

Alternate Current Radio | Hesh, Spore, Jay Dyer, Daniel S. and Andy N. bring the final Boiler Room before the Presidential Election, analyze the news stream and make election predictions.

Boiler Room EP #81 – Halloween Fireside Book of Suspense Vol. 1

Alternate Current Radio | Halloween special broadcast with the Boiler gang, on Horror Movies, Ghost Stories and Horror News.