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Kathy Griffin & Hillary Clinton Are Losers, Not Victims

21st Century Wire says…

Those on the “left” need to start taking responsibility for their actions.


Kathy Griffin, an alleged comedian, has received immense backlash for a stunt she pulled earlier in the week. Griffin apparently thought it would be a great idea to pose with a blood soaked effigy of President Donal Trump’s decapitated head.

Now, after making the incendiary, and some may say threatening, photograph, she is attempting to turn the narrative around claiming to be a victim of “bullying”.

Similarly, Hillary Clinton is blaming a conspiracy of 1000 Russian agents working against her, fake news, Twitter bots, and misogyny for her election loss. She makes no mention of the fact that it was clear the Democratic voters wanted Bernie Sanders, not her, and that simply not being Donald Trump was not a good enough reason to vote for her.

The massive problem with this scapegoating and more is discussed in the following video report:

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