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Russian Preacher: “John McCain is a Bum”, Anti-Russia Rhetoric is “Childish”

21st Century Wire says…

Here’s an interesting view on Russian-American relations.

Last week, Stuart J. Hooper ran into the Russian Street Preacher on campus at the University of New Mexico giving quite an explosive sermon to students.

The following day, Stuart caught up with Brother Mikhail to sit down and specifically talk about the state of US-Russian relations. Brother Mikhail sees the Russophobic rhetoric as “childish”, and slams John McCain as “a bum” for his recent claims that Rand Paul works for Putin.

Check out the full sit down interview right here:

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  • HpO

    That’s it and he gets a 21st Century Wire coverage, Stuart J. Hooper? All because, “Brother Mikhail sees the Russophobic rhetoric as ‘childish’, and slams John McCain as ‘a bum'”?! Well, guess what else the guy’s seeing? Read on & weep:

    (1) Ryan D. Christian and Mikhail Savenko “are in their final stops of a nationwide evangelical campus-preaching tour … dubbed the ‘no sodomy tour.’ … They are traveling the country ‘trying to bring revival to America’ and to spread the word of what they see as the three biggest threats to humanity – abortion, Islam and homosexuals … ‘against the family unit’ … The pair practice ‘confrontational evangelism’ … who just moments before was shouting: ‘yoga pants are sin'”. (Sam Gross, “‘The truth sounds like hate speech to those that hate the truth’: The Daily Wildcat sat down with the UA’s newest mall preachers”, Daily Wildcat, University of Arizona, December 3, 2015)

    (2) “Mikhail Savenko … is … standing in the middle of The Oval with a Holy Bible in his hand, accompanied by a sign that says exactly who is going to Hell (including, but not limited to: ‘gangster rappers,’ … ‘democrats,’ ‘homos …,’ ‘immodest women,’ …) … with statements like … ‘If you continue in your whoring, homo-ing, and lesbo-ing … you’re going straight to Hell!’ … ‘You can’t masturbate and hold hands with Jesus!'” (Rachel Emmerson, “How students stood up to the Oval preacher”, The Tab, Ohio State University, September 20, 2016)

    • Wallys… mate. Their slogans are as silly as much of their theology. Interestingly Russia is relatively tough on Evangelicals, could be argued, threatens R. Orthodox – Govt-supported – supremacy and their own brand of defensive blocking. Maybe they should encourage this kind of Evangelical in and discourage one and all/pull em back to ‘mother’ ch. Spectacular misrepresentation of the Gospel. Wishy-wash extremes on one end, and this legalistic… more-like frustrated and projecting-so, on the other. Final twist: they’re bound to think the US/UK etc (where not?) is going down – period. Don’t have any genuine Jonah-type perspective (even going with their big sin list/”…as if?”), that God would/can change mind and reprieve upon responding to a repent/message. Nuts. Tell what-what, believe not-happening. Theo Dissonance.

      • HpO

        Agreed there, truthscoop, that “they should encourage this kind of Evangelical”-ism back in Motherland Russia, because Putin & his Russian Orthodox cohorts shall surely show this guy what’s what. Interesting developing news there which I never knew anything about, as reported by Adam Garrie, “Russia’s Orthodox Christian tradition has made it a natural defender of mainstream Islam”, The Duran, March 19, 2017. Question is, how Russian is Mikhail Savenko and why he’s even in the States? But his pro-Trump stances may prove he’s legit politically. Gospel-wise? I don’t know. Fundie, more like.

        • Thanks though for bothering to break through the dissociation that swamps us. Scanned Adam Garrie, will read. As for Mikhail and ‘Gospel-wise?’ – he (and kind) are a judgement on evangelicals. Pushes certain – disputable – theology to the hilt. What you get, if this is where you’re going. Progressives, and conservatives (in the main) find his approach alarming. Hallelujah. Good. More of it… need alarming up. Local church, rarely or barely, has much of a reputation or relevant – what’s needed (be miraculous), are new versions, DIYing with an awoken political and freely tailored theological and unction. Bless Mikhail – a mirror and the madness Christians can become. Don’t believe ‘Putin & his Russian Orthodox cohorts’ are all that, to lead into better church. Not all uniform in ways and understanding but have their ‘fundie’ blind-spots and stumbling blocks. Getting dark, we have much to do. Down to me, you and whosoever.

  • Said my peace here: http://www.plantaseed.org.uk/planting-and-trees
    (Nb. originally posted comment, disappeared from ‘in moderation’).

    • OK for the rec: ‘Detected as spam / This isn’t spam »’ is showing in my Disqus is account. Therefore, I could have rectified. Apologies, didn’t see. Ah well, saved some space. As happs. On this. Suggestion/feedback: Pages way too heavy, recommend adjustment/reduce image file-size. And ability to paste comments into form with formatting (i.e. paragraphs/justified) would be helpful. That the short-side and about the best site on the block.

    • HpO

      Psalm 1:3 – “a tree firmly planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in its season and its leaf does not wither” – is a spiritual description of the man in Psalm 1:1-2 – “who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked, nor stand in the path of sinners, nor sit in the seat of scoffers, but delights in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night.” What about it, truthscoop? You’re not only a poet, you know, but you actually speak poet, syntax-wise, grammatically, and therefore not exactly in plain & uncomplicated English. No offense, but I’m having a hard time understanding you. I’m sure you get that a lot. But apropos on-topic as per this guy, Mikhail Savenko? Wait, you’re not saying Psalm 1:1-3 is a prophetic description of this otherwise “wild and crazy guy”, Steve Martin-like?

      • Tar again. “Could try harder” as the exasperated teachers used to say. Write for me and in faith for… therefore, jumbled because talking to myself and understand/does me good. Big surprise someone has commented back. Yes, the only two communicate with (James/Crimes of Empire and Burning Blogger of Bedlam) do concur with your assessment. It’s interesting to think if Mikhail is soaking in the word, concludes – thus. Count my blessings stumbled through some right-on influences otherwise I’d likely be spouting the obvious glaring redundancies. Don’t put me, down to all about me-effort, far from it. Blessed alliances along the way. Plus, considerable failure is conversely so helpful, although needs addressing… I don’t see Mikhail as wild and crazy, more a product of earnest responses to certain traditions. He should be out there crying out (good to see/might provoke others to and more sense) but see him following a nostalgic vision and – yet to listen to him and politics but assume – asleep with the masses. A prophetic description? Anathema to stir up questions. Like Trump unsettles those needing to be. As for winning those to Christ? Of course not. Obviously. But then who is? Am I? So who am I to…

  • charlie

    Crass and childish…these young fools have a lot of learning and diverse education to consider , before approaching this subject….poor show.

    • HpO

      Street preaching might’ve worked well in the last century, quite socially engaging, actually; but to do this nowadays? I agree with you about their lack of “education”, but I think somebody better show them a thing or 2 about the theory and practice of simple public speaking. Rule #1 – Don’t Lose Your Audience After Your 1st Word to Them. Nah, it’s no longer street preaching, it’s street ranting, more like. Whatever for, even if they mean well with the message of the ransoming Fatherly love of God through the crucifixion, burial and resurrection of His own beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Just saying.

  • Chris

    I see lots of coverage here about the liberal lies regarding Russia. But what about the mainstream conservative lies (Trump’s cabinet) regarding Iran? What about troop buildup in Syria and 4 other countries? I maybe wrong, but I am hearing excuses here about why Trump is doing this, that maybe he doesn’t intend to do what he’s doing. Could it be that Trump is simply not the anti-neoliberal savior you thought he was? How much more militarism/imperialism do we need before you say “enough!”?

  • Pioneer

    Revivalism isn’t biblical. It is a ploy used by fake preachers to scam for money. It goes hand in hand with the fake free will crowd and was invented in the 19th century. And that boy needs a haircut. I wouldn’t give a second glance to someone calling themselves a preacher and looking like a girl.