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Russian Street Preacher vs. American Students

21st Century Wire says…

Here’s some intense debate.

Yesterday afternoon, Stuart J. Hooper ran into the Russian Street Preacher, Brother Mikhail, on the campus of the University of New Mexico.

Brother Mikhail was giving somewhat of an explosive sermon outside of the student union building, and sat down with Stuart to discuss his philosophy, thoughts on President Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Check out everything that happened right here:

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  • Put some thoughts up this morn, happ’d to link 21Wire, then turned to after posting, see this. Not getting us-lot so far, this and like-unwise. Much more with the sister. Bro is a bore. Saddening bore. Where’s the power of God? Nah, have to discern, absent.

    “You people turn me away…” vs the demo of Jesus and reaction. There’s conviction, and there’s crud.