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Trump’s First Congressional Speech Stuns Media Detractors – Stock Markets Rally

21st Century Wire says…

Last night, an embattled President Donald Trump gave his first address to Congress. The results surprised even his fiercest critics. 

“He became president of the United States in that moment, period,” said Trump critic and CNN commentator Van Jones. “That was one of the most extraordinary moments you have ever seen in American politics. Period.”

Make no mistake, it was a house divided, but it seems that the White House achieved its chief objective – to stop the public relations hemorrhaging, for now at least.

One unusual aspect of this Trump speech – reports suggest that the President actually spent the day of his first address to a joint session of Congress revising and rehearsing his speech.

It seemed to have paid off. Immediately after his speech, Trump rallied with a jump in approval ratings, and a sharp stock market rally.

All signs are that America might finally have a President – for the moment… 

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  • collette.robert@yahoo.com

    What does Trump have to say about the breaking news that the CIA was linked to the Kennedy assassination? What happened to the 9/11 investigation? With the number of jews in his administration I can see that this will not happen. No truth in this country. No justice. No democracy. No freedom.

    • Nofearorfavor

      Give the man a chance! He’s been attacked from all sides since and even before he stepped into your White House… I have no doubt that Trump will see to it that the truth of these two horrors come to be dealt with, but at the very least, at this moment in time he needs to unite a to my mind– viciously manipulated into becoming a completely divided America. He’s the last chance you guys have got– Collette remain positive and allow your president to attend to the present first and then deal with the horrific insurrections of the past …

      Just want you to know, this evil Zionist ideology controlling TPTB of your land– controls mine and controls most countries throughout the world, That is why I have always emphasised to my American friends, that the moment you guys unite against them, the rest of the world will be right behind you– applaud you all for taking action to kick them out and then your actions will be the fire setting alight the globalist rubbish pervading our world.

      Rather than say no– say yes to justice, yes to democracy and YES to freedom! What the globalists fear most, is the collective resistance against their agenda by the bulk of humankind — the masses, the sheeple, the useless eaters– together we’re empowered and can defeat them!

  • Obviously watching a different message being delivered

  • seby

    another “hope and change” con happening clearly. Words, words, words…worth?

    so donny J-anus tRump reads off a teleprompter slightly better than dubya, probably weaker than oblahblahma. But in the end so what?

    Yep I’m sure the people of Yemen and Syria are feeling bouyant now. They cried also for the American soldier that was sent in an illegal attack on their country. The innocents that died in the attack don’t count to smug exceptionalists.

    btw stock market isn’t a sign of economic health but economic fraud these days, when 96% of stock are junk. A trillion dollar infrastructure plan. I’m sure all the corporations are rubbing their hands in glee on how much the can rip off in joint ventures.