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Donald Trump’s TRILLION Dollar Bombshell

21st Century Wire says…

Is this the biggest new nugget to be found in Trump’s joint address from last night?

In the following video, Stuart J. Hooper examines Trump’s promise to ask Congress for a one trillion dollar fund to rebuild America’s infrastructure.

Is it possible that this will create millions of jobs? But what of the potential problems that might emerge from the fact that it will be a public-private partnership? Let us know in the comments below.

Watch the video here:

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  • LeseMajeste

    One doesn’t make and lose four fortunes in NYC, then make another billion dollar stash w/o being in bed with the same Wall Street gangsters that have been looting the USA for decades.

  • “But what of the potential problems that might emerge from the fact that it will be a public-private partnership?” That’s like asking whether there will be potential problems sending your kids to a CIA run public school? The answer is in the question, Is it?

    I’m trying to edit in this wonky Disqus and can’t correct a mistake. The trailer for “Killing Ed” is fine. I got the Bill Black excerpt wrong. Even after deleting both links to both vids, they are still there. What’s with that? Here’s the vid, having to do with Bill Black’s very informed opinion of Donald Trump’s infrastructure spending plan: https://youtu.be/upgHykiKiRY

  • Marko

    Clean water is , or should be , a kind of fundamental right , most of us believe. So , any attempt to shift this service into the hands of profit-seeking corps is likely to arouse a public outcry , right ? As a hypothetical , what if we could arrange it so that public provision of clean water services was made to appear inefficient and incompetent , even dangerous ? Like , say , lead contamination of our drinking water. Or flammable methane gases coming out of your faucets. That sort of thing might make water privatization a lot easier for the public to swallow.

    You see ? This has been planned long ago. Get ready , before long you’ll be writing a monthly check to Nestlé for your fundamental right to clean water.

    Making America Great Again , one heist at a time.