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If You Answer ‘Yes’ to These FBI Questions, Then You Might Be a Terrorist

21st Century Wire says…

As 21WIRE has previously reported, if there is no real terrorist threat, then the thing to do is to create one. Such is the received wisdom of today’s Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Last summer, the FBI admitted in its July 2016 public relations release from the agency’s ‘counter terrorism’ department, plans to ‘significantly increase’ its borderline illegal use of stings in order to catch what it claims are “would-be terrorists.” This amounts to an all-to-familiar dubious practice of using entrapment – used to organize, recruit, train and even supply materials to prospective neophyte terrorists in the US.

Despite this dysfunctional policy of creating ‘bad guys’ to catch otherwise innocent guys, the agency is soldiering on with other creative, psychometric street side tests to blanket-profile as many Americans as possible in the endless War on Terror…


(…) For the past year-and-a-half the FBI have allegedly been using a 48 question survey to determine if someone is a threat, and one of the questions includes whether the target likes to go camping or not.

The document, published by The Intercept, is known as the the ‘Indicators of Mobilization to Violence’ (IMV) survey, and assigns points on factors such as religious observance, travel history, financial transactions, and physical appearance.

It’s like a Facebook quiz, but terrifying.

There are, of course, logical and rational questions you would expect to find on a survey of this kind.

Question 1 asks simply:

Has the subject mobilised? (E.g. has the subject travelled, attempted to travel overseas to participate in violence; has the subject been arrested in a terrorism charge; or has the subject conducted a terrorist attack?

Question 20 asks:

Is the subject a regular consumer of extremist propaganda?

And question 31 asks:

Has the subject sought or received direct guidance from overseas extremists?

However, there are a number of questions in there that seem obtuse and in many cases, appear far too broad to truly be affective in identifying someone with extremist views.

Question 2 enquires:

Does [the] subject possess or have immediate access to weapons?

Americans own an estimated 265 million guns. That’s around one gun for every American adult. And that’s only going to go up as the GOP begins to reverse what it calls ‘excessive regulation’ on firearms by the Obama administration…

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  • DarkEyes

    Nothing new here.
    The federal government of the US treats every American as a terrorist.

    The federal government of the US supports every terrorist in the ME and the rest of the world plus terrorist states like Saudi-Arabia which is the biggest terrorist.

    These are facts and happening under our nose.

  • David Slater

    Agreed, nothing new. I remember the September 2001 FBI booklet on “sovereign Citizens” being the terrorists – those who quoted the Constitution, made Biblical references or spelled their names in a funny way were all deemed domestic terrorists following 911.
    And in July 2011 we had Judicial Watch defining extremists as those who did name calling or character assasinations. Those displaying highly sensitive personalities or someone who made assertions without proof! Did they mean the alt-left control-left Liberals of today, or the fake news sites?
    Read p40 onwards in this doc:

  • Larua

    you all have to ask the ultimate dumb questions because none of you have a brain or spirit to assess anything logically.
    you all are literally brain and soul dead.