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EAST ALEPPO: “All Doctors Fled when Free Syria Army Invaded”

Real testimonies, from real people after the liberation of Aleppo – this is truth you will not get from the mainstream media…

Vanessa Beeley
21st Century Wire

“The Syrian Arab Army helped us to leave, they gave us food… and transported us for free.”

img_1490Child in Jebrin Registration Centre 14/12/2016 (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

“All doctors fled our area after the Free Syrian Army invaded… they left us”

Further testimony from Jebrin Registration Centre on December 14th 2016 when over 95,000 civilians poured in to the centre from the liberated Eastern districts of Aleppo. East Aleppo had been under Nusra Front-led terrorist occupation for almost five years. Stories of executions, torture, imprisonment, starvation, rape and deprivation of any medical treatment were widespread among the many civilians I interviewed over my time in East Aleppo both during the SAA and allies battles for liberation and just after.


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  • Marko

    Real News from a Real Journalist.

    The truth is getting out but the MSM just doubles down on their losing hand , kinda like the Democratic Party. Makes sense , I suppose. They’re peas in a pod.

    That’s an outstanding photo of that little girl – her expression makes me think the world might turn out OK after all. God , please keep her safe.

  • Thank you Vanessa and Patrick, and every one of you who supports these works of common decency, honesty, integrity, and fortitude. Cheers!