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Patrick and Hesher: ‘DNI, CIA have lost the plot, and RT is beating CNN’

21st Century Wire says…

RUSSIA HACK? Still no evidence here, nor is there any “intelligence” here either. This latest crisis of confidence in Washington DC is not going away just because DNI head James Clapper says the “Russians did it,” or because Wolf Blitzer is bullying his guests into agreeing with the assessment of the CIA, FBI, DIA and the rest of the alphabet soup politicized operatives living off the fat of land. SUNDAY WIRE host Patrick Henningsen is joined by Hesher from ACR’s Boiler Room to break down this story, and also reveal why RT is beating CNN in battle for ratings (as well as hearts and minds) worldwide.

Listen to this clip from our recent Sunday Wire show…





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  • Analyze_This_88

    I think the establishment’s whole “Fake News” meme is really backfiring on the Mainstream. They are finished. Long live the real Indie media. CNN should be disbanded and sold off for scrap. THey’ve done enough damage to the world already. They are just a department of the CIA anyway. No loss.

  • Stepford 88

    The constant lies and directed narrative by MSM are at ridiculous levels. When MSM repeats a Lie often enough, it still expects people to believe it. There is no room for intelligent dialogue when up against Murdok Monopolies, so it is best to avoid it. Although having said that I have noticed in some UK supermarkets they have installed televisions tuned to broadcast BBC fake news.

    • Brandon Martinez

      And when will you be addressing these lies from Russia: http://www.russialies.com

      • Taste McGovern

        ha! made me laugh. did you make that site yourself?

      • Analyze_This_88

        DO you work for NATO?