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Ian R. Crane: ‘People Are Turning Away from Mainstream Media in Droves’

Last Sunday, British public speaker and anti-fracking campaigner Ian R. Crane joined us on the SUNDAY WIRE SHOW to discuss the challenges from 2016 and what we can expect in 2017. 

Ian spoke to us from a field in North Yorkshire on the frontline in the battle to keep Britain “Frack-Free” – speaking about the environmental and social challenges to facing society, but also about the steady collapse of the corporate mainstream media. How did we get here, and where is it all heading?

Find out in this brilliant in-depth discussion with host Patrick Henningsen and Ian R. Crane

21st Century Wire Fracking Files




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  • Meltonmark

    You should’ve watched the British TV ‘news’ this evening! Talk about fake news and propaganda..!

    • Gary Youree

      You should watch today’s news on democracynow.org
      There was a very good piece (interview) with a pulitzer prize winning journalist telling the audience that mainstream media was being very irresponsible in their parroting of the Russian hack story. These corporate owned “news” stations, msnbc, cbs, cnn, etc. just report and re-report what ever story they are given. I was watching the first day msnbc was given the news – and they first acted like it was a joke..and that was the only honest take I have seen since.

      • Analyze_This_88

        Democracy Now is not much different than Mainstream – they have been shilling for “regime change” in Syria and backing ‘rebels’ since the beginning of the war there. Shameful. They might very well be controlled opposition.