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Trump’s Latest Tease Pales Next to Bush and Gore’s Election War in 2000

It’s teetering on the ridiculous watching the US mainstream media get their knickers in a twist over Donald Trump’s provocative comments during the last Presidential Debate about the possibility of “election rigging,” and whether or not he would respect the official result on November 8th.

Paul Ryan, the Republican speaker of the House, also weighed in decriying Trump’s assertion akin to a ‘threat to democracy’, stating, “Our democracy relies on confidence in election results, and the speaker is fully confident the states will carry out this election with integrity.”

More than a bit melodramatic, considering recent history…

It seems that the unashamed pro-Clinton US mainstream media have an incredibly short memory. Remember the 2000 Presidential race between George W. Bush (Republican) and Al Gore (Democrat)? It was not only contested, the election was eventually called on a technicality by the US Supreme Court.

Who held up the election: the very same Democratic Party who are going hysterical over Trump’s recent off-hand remarks. Again, that same Democratic Party also cried foul in 2004, when John Kerry lost by a narrow margin to the incumbent Bush.

Was there fraud and rigging in 2000 and 2004? Many leading leftwing media pundits still think so, and yet the US liberal-dominated mainstream media and political savants still equate Trump’s comments with a coup d’etat threat.

Brasscheck TV says: Here’s sanitized, mainstream news media’s account of “the endless campaign of 2000.” And even their version is wild and unbelievable…

Regardless, Joshua Douglas from CNN applied the usual whitewash over the issue, claiming if there is any election fraud in 2016 – it’s ‘no big deal.’ He states:

“Anyone who has seriously studied the issue knows that the level of voter fraud, although not zero, is minuscule, and that in-person impersonation hardly ever exists. Yet by saying it over and over, Trump is fanning flames that are dangerous for our democracy.”

Always the dutiful gatekeeper and establishment-controlled media arm, CNN makes the old Pravda seem like Zero Hedge.

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