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CrossTalk: Western Lies Trigger Downward Spiral in US-Russia Relations Over Syria

21st Century Wire says…

It seems that the liberal war hawks in Washington, and their ‘conservative’ sidekicks in London, are determined to trigger a wider war in Syria in order to salvage their epic failure of arming their Takfiri terrorist army in Syria – in a vain attempt to break-up the country and force regime change via a western and Gulf-backed terrorist insurgency. 

With Syria locked in a stalemate, while Russia-US relations spiral downward, which party in this conflict is the barrier to peace and what needs to happen next?

Host Peter Lavelle CrossTalks with Mark Sleboda, Alex Christoforou, and Mohammad Marandi.

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@Ian56789 Iran's FM lays it out nicely for the global security blob in Munich... https://t.co/IYi6xS4ibb #Iran #Syria @Osman_Marwa1 - 11 mins ago