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EPISODE #4 – ON THE QT: ‘Julian vs Hillary’ (Part 1) @21WIRE.TV


QT-NEW-2Listen to the first 30 min segment of this new fortnightly podcast, ‘ON THE QT’, hosted by Patrick Henningsen. This new show brings together a number of news stories not covered on the SUNDAY WIRE, as well as additional deep state and geopolitical analysis – covering key international events – as we read between the headlines.

THIS WEEK: Julian Assange is about to drop another Wiki-bomb on the Clinton family’s drive to power. What’s behind it, the motivations, and will it derail the Clinton political machine?  We’ll also look at how rigid politically correct regimes transforming university campus life

Listen to Episode 4 – Part 1 (25 min 30 sec) for FREE on the audio player below. Enjoy the show…


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We're covering news you won't necessarily find in the mainstream, and things which regularly confuse career politicians, CNN and MSNBC viewers... #SundayWire
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