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Black Student ‘Activist’ Jailed for Tweeting FAKE Racist Threats

21st Century Wire says…

What a twisted world we have become.

A female, black student activist, Kayla McKelvey (image below), has been jailed for tweeting racially charged threats directed at events that she, herself, was organising and attending.

Kayla McKelvey
She essentially employed the ‘false flag attack’ model, where one claims to be under attack from another, who in actual fact has nothing to do with it, to further an agenda.

The so-called ‘activist’ pleaded guilty to causing false public alarm, but claimed the tweets “were meant to raise awareness of racism on campus“.

One wonders how much racism there really is on campus, if someone has to deliberately go out of their way to create fake racial threats. This then raises the questions, what exactly did McKelvey hope to achieve by creating a ‘threat’ to black people on campus?

The threats caused Kean University to shell out $80,000 in additional security costs, costs that McKelvey will now be forced to repay after her 90 days behind bars.

Such actions do absolutely nothing to ‘raise awareness of racism’, and only further racial divides. If we stop seeing race altogether, and instead see humanity, we can really solve the problem.

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