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SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘AFRICOM Go Home: Foreign Bases Out of Africa’

21st Century Wire says…

This is the second installment of our new weekly SUNDAY SCREENING feature, where our editorial team curates a highly informative documentary film for our readers at 21WIRE.

AFRICOM Go Home: No Foreign Bases in Africa is shot within the context of the fiftieth anniversary of the “Independence” of African states (OAS 1963-2013). It’s an anti-propaganda, not-for-profit independent film dedicated to raising public consciousness by opening up a space for discussion and building a sound information base drawn from archival records.

From the filmmaker: “This documentary represents my views, and my views alone, on geopolitical challenges to both Africa and the wider world. The contents of this film can in no way be ascribed to GRILA or any of its members. It addresses Africa’s leaders, all PanAfricanists, internationalist and especially the African Youth caught up in the maelstrom of Africa’s place in the world.”

Read more commentary by the filmmaker here.

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