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Russian Nuclear Fission Engine to Take Humanity to Mars in Just 6 Weeks

21st Century Wire says…

This is a game changer for space travel.

Watch a video of this report here:

Russia is set to test a nuclear fission engine in 2018 that will send a space shuttle to Mars in just six weeks, a massive advance on the current 18 month journey with conventional rockets.

The head of Rosatom Nuclear Corporation, Sergey Kirienko, said:

“A nuclear power unit makes it possible to reach Mars in a matter of one to one and a half months, providing capability for manoeuvring and acceleration,”

“Today’s engines can only reach Mars in a year and a half, without the possibility of return,”

That’s right, not only will a shuttle powered by this engine be able to manoeuvre through space but it will also be able to make a return trip.

Conventional rocket technology only makes it possible to fly on a defined trajectory flight, and it would absolutely not be able to come back from Mars.

The engine will also be used to explore deep space, sending robotic probes to the very edges of our solar system and beyond.

Russia appears to be leading the way when it comes to space technology, as it is also now looking to turn its old ICBMs into an asteroid defence system.

Do you think this new technology has the potential to truly advance humanity’s future in space?


  • solid fuel will never work when it comes to deep space exploration. Come on the human race, we are still primitive and need to live up to our potential as a species and begin focusing on getting rid of large and expensive propulsion technologies. We are just one great idea away from finally leaving our back yard and exploring the street, aka the solar system. just hope and pray I am still alive when we finally achieve what should be an easy stroll down the street. My little lad will probably live through these amazing times and boy am I jealous. Born 200 years early, thats me!