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SHOUT POLL: Will Donald Trump hold his lead, or will he tank?

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21st Century Wire

HAVE YOUR SHOUT: With a string of decisive victories in the New Hampshire and South Carolina GOP primaries, we ask our readers: can the mercurial Donald Trump sustain his lead?

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  • davecad

    the next president of America was decided a long time ago by the owners of the federal reserve bank who really run the country the elections are held to give the people the idea that they live in a democracy .

    • straight shooter

      Exactly. The popular vote and early primary victories mean absolutely nothing and are just fodder for the populace. Regardless of a candidate’s popularity, the electoral delegate count is engineered as needed to favor the predetermined nominee of the Powers That Be–and his name is definitely not Trump, as they regard him as uncontrollable. Whether or not Trump decides to run as an Independent, the PTB will begin applying its mechanism, which will include media trashing and, quite possibly, as was done with Perot, darker threats.

  • http://www.abicana.com Knut Holt

    Much can be said about Trump in one or the other direction, but he is likely to win the Republician nomination and then the presidential election of the sole whish from average people and the need too, fo free America from the dominance from certain political dynasties,, tea-party alliiances and the like.

    • Mr Reynard

      Yupp… If some “lone nut” doesn’t shoot him ?? You know ?? A wannabe Oswald maybe, inspired by V Putin & ISIS ?? Well, the usual suspect ??

  • https://youtu.be/FyNS1PMHPqo Lincoln

    This just breaking! March 4th, 2016 Trump Pulls Out Of CPAC

    Donald Trump has pulled out of the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday, opting to campaign in Kansas and Florida instead.