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British ‘Inquiry’ and Mainstream Media Present Conspiracy Theories in Litvinenko Case

21st Century Wire says…

Last week’s British ‘inquiry’ into the death of Alexander Litvinenko headed by Judge Robert Owen, concluded that the Kremlin “probably, might have” ordered, or “approved” death by Polonium 210 for the Russian defector turned MI6 super spy. Despite claims by David Cameron’s cabinet, the ‘explosive’ findings seem to be anything but conclusive

Sunday Wire host Patrick Henningsen reviews the British findings, as well as mainstream media’s coverage of the case. While conspiracy theories swirl around implicating Putin (for this and many other things), the publicly available version of the British report doesn’t inspire much confidence, as its riddled with the following ambiguities:

“may have…” appears 52 times in the report.
“might have…” appears 32 times in the report.
“could have…” appears 33 times in the report.
“probably…” appears 34 times in the report.

Where’s the beef here? Why no inquiries into VIP child abuse in the UK? Does Washington want to reinvent Boris Yeltsin?

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