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Litvinenko’s Brother: ‘Blaming Putin for murder is ridiculous – Britain had more reason to kill him’

21st Century Wire says…

This week’s British ‘inquiry’ into the death of Alexander Litvinenko concluded that the Kremlin “probably, might have” ordered or “approved” the murder of the Russian defector turned British spy. Despite claims by certain UK Parliamentarians, their findings seem to be anything but conclusive

Despite presenting no real evidence to back the claim, the inquiry led by British judge Robert Owen thought it was sufficient enough to blame the spy’s death on Russian president Vladimir Putin because Litvinenko was a critic of Putin, with the entire case hinging on an obscure internet article, allegedly published in 2005 by Litvinenko on a little known website called Chechen Press, a copy of which can be viewed here on the blog Information Liberation.

(Image Source: Sputnik)

Then, in an alarmingly coordinated fashion, Britain’s The Independent newspaper, owned by Alexander Yevgenievich Lebedev, a UK-based anti-Putin Russian billionaire led the next leg of the PR campaign, painting a spurious picture of Putin as paedophile, echoing the Owen Inquiry’s claim that it was Litvinenko’s 2005 online article which prompted the murder of the Russian defector.

If Litvinenko’s 2005 internet article was the central piece of ‘evidence’ in the Owen Inquiry, and if this was so damning, with such profound international implications – then why was it buried until now? Could this Inquiry be more geopolitically motivated, than justice motivated? The answer to that question should be self-evident when considering the west vs east international crises currently unfolding in places like the Ukraine, Crimea, Syria and Turkey.

Maksim Litvinenko, the brother of deceased Aleksandr Litvinenko, certainly believes this controversy is politically motivated (see full report below).

If the British political establishment can place so much weight on an obscure blog posting in order to determine a guilty verdict, then why did they ignore the late 1990’s edition of Scallywag Magazine which contained an explosive expose naming a long list of Westminster politicians and luminaries involved in the very real VIP child abuse rings being  run out of London’s Dolphin Square and Elms Guest House, and also from the Bryn Alyn Boys Home in Wrexham, Wales. Based on what we know so far about some of these scandals, Scallywag’s investigation seemed to be fairly close to the mark, and yet, like so many similar reports – it was, and to a large degree, still remains buried by the British political Establishment – and with no sign of any call for a much-needed, high-profile Public Inquiry.

This latest leg of Litvinenko drama has prompted a wave of tweets with the hashtag #PutinProbablyApproved

The brother of Aleksandr Litvinenko says the UK government had more motivation to kill him than Russia did, despite a British public inquiry which concluded that President Putin “probably” approved the assassination.

Maksim Litvinenko, Aleksandr’s younger brother who lives in Rimini, Italy, responded to the Thursday report by saying it was “ridiculous” to blame the Kremlin for the murder of his brother, stating that he believes British security services had more of a motive to carry out the assassination.

“My father and I are sure that the Russian authorities are not involved. It’s all a set-up to put pressure on the Russian government,” Litvinenko told the Mirror, adding that such reasoning is the only explanation as to why the inquiry was launched 10 years after his brother’s death.

He called the British report a “smear” on Putin, and stressed that rumors claiming his brother was an enemy of the state are false. He added that Aleksandr had planned to return to Russia, and had even told friends about the move.

Litvinenko went on to downplay his brother’s alleged role as a spy, working for either Russia or MI6, adding that the Western media is to blame for such characterization.

“The Russians had no reason to want Alexander dead,” he said. “My brother was not a spy, he was more like a policeman…he was in the FSB [Russian Federal Security Service] but he worked against organized crime, murders, arms trafficking, stuff like that.”

Litvinenko was murdered in London in 2006, when assassins allegedly slipped radioactive polonium 21 into his cup of tea at a hotel. But his brother Maksim cast doubt on whether that was actually the poison used, saying he believes it could have been planted to frame the Russians.

“I believe he could have been killed by another poison, maybe thallium, which killed him slowly, and the polonium was planted afterwards,” he said. He added that requests to have his brother’s body exhumed, in order to verify the presence of polonium, have been ignored by Britain.

“Now after 10 years any trace [of polonium] would have disappeared anyway, so we will never know,” he said, adding that British authorities had not collaborated with Russian investigators on the case.

“This case became a big PR campaign against the Russian government and its president in particular,” Maksim Litvinenko told RT in an interview in 2014. “The West is pressuring Russia very hard now. The MH-17 crash, Crimea, the war in Ukraine, sanctions against Moscow and now this inquiry – I’m not buying that this is a coincidence.”

When asked why Aleksandr Litvinenko’s widow Marina continues to maintain that the Kremlin is responsible for the murder, he said: “She lives in London, to survive she has to play the game and take this point of view. She can’t say anything else.”

(…) Back in 2012, Litvinenko’s father backtracked on his claims that Vladimir Putin was responsible for his son’s death, and asked the Russian president for forgiveness. Walter Litvinenko told RT that his anger had made him say what the Western media wanted to hear…

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  • Lobo

    Oy-vey Shlomo, the Nazi’s must have done it! Yes Herman, Adolph had very good motive to do away with Litvinenko. It must be true!

    • Mr Reynard

      Nahh…. It must have been Putin, He personally has hanged Berezovsky, but the British regime is covering for him & claim that Berezovsky committed suicide… Trust me I am a respected media personality. Would I lie to you ??
      Ohhh..& Putin has hanged Rudolph Hess in Spandau as well, & this is from reliable unnamed government sources…

  • QV3

    The Brits are trying hard, very hard, to deflect that they are killing innocents in Yemen. What better way than to blame their hated enemy Putin and hated Russia last 200 years?

  • It won’t be long before the UK and US start blaming Putin for global warming.

    • Nick Smegg

      Very true, but unfortunately Putin is in the anti-science camp along with 21wire!

      Jus’ sayin.’

      • “Anti-Science” – that’s a clever bit of NLP. We’re not ‘anti-science’, we’re PRO-SCIENCE but science should be considered (and funded) from both sides of the issue, including the climate skeptic’s position. Otherwise its not science, it’s politics.

    • Vivat Phyrexia


  • Nick Smegg

    I laughed when the Inquiry’s “findings” were published. It was like a moron had browsed the David Icke forums to see what he could come up with that would discredit Putin the most in the eyes of those least sympathetic to the British establishment.

    • Nick Smegg

      I don’t mean to imply that those who post on the DI forums are morons. There’s a lot of useful info on some of their trheads. I was referring to morons in the Establishment.

  • Joe MK

    You motherfuckers probably gone tell me the earth is flat next…

  • Brandon Martinez

    21wire’s Putin flunkyism has reached new heights of absurdity. Soon this site will begin republishing Kremlin press releases verbatim. No doubt the RT-affiliation of this site’s founder plays a major part in the consistently pro-Russian sycophancy.

    Russian Suspect in Litvinenko Murder Said All Russian Traitors Should be “Exterminated”

    List of Suspicious Deaths/Murders Under Putin

    • QV3

      You should research and read with much satisfaction the 88 Murders of the Clintons. Bill Clinton slaughtered Top US Generals.
      The Mass Murderers all live in the United Spawns of Satan America.

      • Brandon Martinez

        So because the Clintons’ are corrupt and dirty we should forgive and/or overlook Putin’s transgressions? Great logic.

        • QV3

          Clinton already sold America to the Chinese and anyone prepared to pay mega bucks.
          Putin is a Great Statesman and has demonstrated to be a World Leader.
          Clinton proved he is on Sale. For $$$$$$

          • Brandon Martinez

            Putin is also a murderer and false flag terrorist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkjG2LQx8oE

          • QV3

            Ah ha. That is demonisation from the Evil West. Just as the Evil West, led by Evil US has been waging wars on sovereign nations, invading, murdering, plundering on LIES. Vietnam was a Lie. Iraq was a Lie. Afghanistan was a Lie. Libya was a Lie. Everything that comes out of the West are LIES — to wage wars to profit the Evil Military Industrial Complex to laugh all the way to the banks.
            So you can take your Lie and sleep with it as the gospel truth.
            WE KNOW BETTER.

          • Brandon Martinez

            And the East are “white hats” who do no wrong? Those lovable communist Chinese who jail people for criticizing the government?

            The big Eastern powers are also criminal, corrupt and evil. Putin blew up his own apartments to start a war with Chechnya and win the presidency. Watch the video.

          • QV3

            Agreed. What happens in a country is their business. The East does not go round invading, murdering, plundering, colonising, and enslaving. America has been doing that since 1945. Who gave America the right to invade nations, destroy them, murder millions, and then walk away? The East doesn’t do that. Russia certainly doesn’t. Whereasthere is abundance info re America’s GLADIO, OPERATION NORTHWOODS, Drone Slaughter with aplomb; encircling nations with missiles, deliberately provoking nations; and right now, happily killing innocents in Yemen. So, as the North Koreans say: The US should be eliminated from earth. How about an EMP from Russia, China, Iran, North Korea that sends America tothe Stone Age for thenext millenium.
            Then, perhaps, the world will have a chance at peace?

          • Brandon Martinez

            Russia and China certainly do that too. Just ask the people of Chechnya or Tibet. How many countless millions were killed or enslaved under Stalin and Mao? The Soviet empire was the largest country on earth, much conquering and killing invloved to establish that. China is slowly colonizing Africa right now under the cover if business. The East is up to these dirty tricks as well, they’re just more coy about it.

          • QV3

            And how do you think America was STOLEN from the Native American Indians? How many millions were massacred by Anglosaxons who invaded the country?
            ALL Americans live on STOLEN land. You should be ashamed . And punishing the surviving descendants of the murdered into apartheid concentration camps called ‘reservations. Shame on every American.
            Tibet belongs to China. China liberated the Tibetan people. I suggest you do research on that before uttering ignorance.
            AsI said, what happens in a country is for the people of that country to deal with.
            China and Russia are not invading, murdering millions, callingfor Regime Change, deposing democratically elected leaders, destabilising nations to protect its hegemony, beating the drums of democracy, humanrights, right to protect and having NATO murder at will.
            America has invaded, murdered millions, and plundered wealth and resources from sovereign countries to feed its Insatiably Greed. You do not seem to have any problem with that. You must be on food stamps. And entitlements.

            This is what Africans have to say about the West and about China. Obama, the Kenyan, believes Africans are stupid. Africans think the US is sheer Satanic Evil.

            African Leaders: China Is Not Colonizing, Like the West
            Look up for the article. Xinhua wrote a factual report.
            The Africans are grateful to the Chinese for investing.
            Obama representing greedy, colonising America said the US would not spend a cent on Africa’s infrastructure. China went in building infrastructure and investing billions. The WEst doesn’t believe in investing: only Plundering. For centuries. History attests the West’s gluttonous appetite for murder and plunder.

            The Xinhua coverage of Xi Jinping’s historic Africa tour this month includes some things left out of the Western coverage — namely, that in addition to being grateful for China’s $60 billion investment pledge over the next three years, African leaders emphasized that China, unlike the Western colonizers, is not piling conditions and political restraints on African nations, but is sincerely aiming at nation building.

            The Eight Principles of Chinese Aid in Africa: China abides by those principles. The West has none.

            You think we in the East are stupid? It is YOU inthe West who are stupid. You have lost your country, live under tyranny, where your police are killers, your Congress and Senate bought and paid for by Monsanto, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Corporations.
            Your country is One Huge Prison Complex with the highest number of highly educated, highly skilled inmates, falsely arrested, to work for 23 cents/hour making military uniforms, furniture, electronics and other products. Including military components making the MIC laugh in glee as they shovel caviar into their stinking mouth and drink the most expensive wine.

            Of the 2.2 million people the UD has incarcerated at the moment – 25 percent of the world’s prison population—2 million never had a trial.

            How is it the West are such pussies they can’t handle their elites?

          • Brandon Martinez

            You’re just a shameless propagandist for the Eastern imperialists. The communist Chinese have a voracious appetite for resources. They don’t even care about their own people, let alone the damn Africans. They pollute their own country to death just to make a quick buck. They have suicide nets outside of their factories! They skin dogs and cats alive and eat them in an annual festival for Christ’s sake.

            No, Tibet doesn’t “belong” to China. It was conquered by force. And the Kuril Island belong to Japan, which Russia stole during WW2.

            Russia and China are sinister imperialists who are being built up as the future NWO power base.

            Yes the West has done evil, but also good. Western medicine has saved quite a lot of lives in the world. It was also White Westerneres who championed animal rights, environmentalism, women’s rights, free speech, separation of church and state, etc. The Chinese didn’t come up with those things, all they care about is money and killing dissidents.

          • QV3

            It is YOU who is utterly, utterly SHAMELESS. Living on STOLEN land.
            You have NO knowledge of China’s nor India’s history of inventions. when you in the West relied on fishing boats,
            China and India were already Masters of the Seas and Oceans with their ships that could sail the whole year, and not a single sailor or concubine suffered scurvy.
            I find you terribly ignorant, terribly illiterate. Iam wasting my time conversing with an ignoramus. Useless eater.

          • Brandon Martinez

            I didn’t steal land from anyone. Indians did not have the deeds to every inch of North America. Half the continent was unpopulated by the time the Euros arrived, there were no nation-states, only disparate tribes warring against each other.

            Yes, wrongs were done to the Indians which I don’t condone, and quite frankly I’d happily leave my country (Canada) because I am not particularly fond of its zombie pleb nothing culture. In fact I am going to leave quite soon, back to Europe. The Indians can have every inch of this place for all I care, I don’t like it.

            You are a brazen shill for the Chinese and Russian imperialists. Funny that you shill for Russia which is also a “White” country, so shouldn’t it be considered part of the “White imperialist West”? Your anti-White communist handbook weirdly gives a pass to Russia simply because it is located in the Eastern Hemisphere where the angelic Yellow races dwell.

            Many Chinese are cold, heartless dog butchers who have a genocidal government that mass murdered their people. Ditto with Russia. These are pretty cold, harsh places to live, and their history is rife with just as much killing, conquering and raping as the West’s. Hell, the Mongols rampaged through half of Europe before being pushed back.

            The West today is controlled by oligarch Jews who have it in for the indigenous peoples of Europe, the same way they have it in for the Arabs and Muslims of the Middle East that don’t submit to Israeli control. Hence the EU-backed Kalergi Plan of mass immigration into all Western countries, and only Western countries.


            Please try to expand your horizons instead of just parroting communist Chinese propaganda.

          • QV3

            Good. Leave for your pussy Europe arselicking the muslims.
            Go get an education instead of being a frog in the pond.
            You know nothing about China’s history or the chinese people. You are nothing but a LOSER!

          • Brandon Martinez

            “Arselicking the Muslims”? I thought you were Mr. Leftist Humanitarian, but you hate the Muslims and wish them ill?