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Washington and London’s Tradition of LYING in Order to Wage Fraudulent Wars

21st Century Wire says…

Since 2011, U.S. and British officials have been recycling a series of lies and propaganda accusing the Syrian government forces of using chemical weapons against civilians. This went unquestioned by the entirety of the U.S. mainstream media, and predictably of course, by the entire U.S. and British political establishments.

What’s so amazing about this latest affair, is that it was an exact repeat of their previous 2003 campaign of lies and propaganda by the same U.S. and British establishments.

Again, another identical campaign of lies and propaganda is also being run to fool gullible western voters into believing that somehow Iran too is developing nuclear WMDs to use against the State of Israel. Like the invented lies used against Iraq and Syria, these too are fabricated in order to push the west towards a military build-up and confrontation.

Neither the U.S. and British media, nor have the U.S. and British political establishments ever come clean regarding their coordinated policy which manufactured the war fraud in 2003, as well as the same pattern of fraud used against Syria from 2011 to the present. So why should we ever trust these people again?

Because of their willful avoidance of any meaningful accountability, both the U.S. and British media and political establishment have lost all legitimacy, and therefore, cannot be trusted with important matters of international security, peace and prosperity.

Watch this powerful presentation, which shows clearly how all of these lies and propaganda are mere tools to fabricate a Third World War, and usher in a new One World Government…

READ MORE PENTAGON NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Pentagon Files



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  • Space Ghost

    What will get fat and happy populations ready to battle, jar them out of their stupor, and get them ready and willing to fight almost anyone for any reason? Hit them in the cupboard/pantry/wallet and hit ’em hard.

    Could the next conditions of a USS Maine/Tonkin/Lusitannia/Pearl Harbor/9-11 “false flag” event be manipulation of oil prices and a totally collapsed dollar?

    WHY IS OIL SO CHEAP? WHY IS THERE SO MUCH DEBT AND BORROWING MORE ON TOP OF IT? So we borrow our way out of debt? Or are the “manipulators” aware that the time isn’t right… Yet… So let the illusion and comfort continue.

    Jack up the oil prices AND pummel the dollar and watch the inter-connected global economy tank. Ratchet up tensions, have more terror attacks, make it all intolerable and have people remember “how good it was” and they’ll kill to get it back. Besides… It’s for our “freedom”.

    Yeah right. It’s for our enslavement. Work for your masters–and like it! Good Kool-Aid drinking workers get promoted and can be late and surf the internet half the day. Bad ones get documented out of a job for the same offenses. Everyone’s wants comfort and safety and will be made to pay for the privileged to have it, just as long as they know their place. It isn’t OUR world. It’s THEIR world on their terms.

    • Ed Edgerton

      The reason why there is so much debt and borrowing is because our currencies are all based on debt. No debt, no currency. The government gets most of its money from borrowing. Taxes are just window dressing.

  • John Pallyswine

    When TRUMP wins he will deal with the dirty muu. The filth of the world. AMEN!!!!!

  • oldman67

    The US has fought four wars for the Zionist and now Iran is on the drawing board.

  • oldman67

    Israel is fourth most powerful military in the world with up to 400 nuclear bombs.