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Episode #5: ‘ELECTRIC CAR TALK’ – Zany New Tech Show on Alternate Current Radio

21st Century Wire says…

In case you missed it, check out this off-the-wall new tech show currently airing on the Alternate Current Radio Network.

Electric-Car-Talk-ACR-smallJoin co-hosts Bill & Mike as they tear it up again this week with another episode of Electric Car Talk, a new radio program for Gearheads, Roboheads, Unmanned Vehicle Enthusiasts, Car Lovers, Cyclists, Free Energy Intellectuals, Scientists, Wanna-bees, every day Joe’s, Rule Breakers and Record Makers – who all LOVE Electric Car Talk on Alternate Current Radio!

New LIVE episodes will air weekly on Sundays right after the Sunday Wire Show @ 12 PM PT | 3 PM ET | 11 PM UK Time | Replays 5 PM PT | 8 PM ET | 1 AM UK Time


Listen to other Electric Car Talk episodes HERE.



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