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Catalan Si! Pro-Independence Wins Majority of Seats in Catalan Vote

21st Century Wire says…

Last night, the votes were tallied, and based on the results, a free and independent Catalan may be fast approaching.

Catalan’s pro-independence parties won a collective victory last night, winning an absolute majority in local elections. Many believe this was a defacto referendum for secession.

Since independence has been looking more like a reality, the threats from Spain’s establishment and also from Brussels, have been almost non-stop. Among the threats leveled against a newly independent Catalonia:

– Central bank in Madrid warned there would be a run on the bank
– Catalan will be kicked out of the Eurozone
– Catalan will be kicked out of the EU

To add insult to perceived injury, the Spanish football Association have warned that a Catalan exit would mean that League Champions Barcelona FC would be kicked of the famed La Liga.

Spain’s general election will be held at the end of this year. Experts are now asking: will the momentum and impact  of today’s result sustain all the way to the general election?

“We won,” proclaimed popular Catalonia leader Artur Mas, told crowds at their victory rally in Barcelona. “Today was a double victory – the yes side won, as did democracy,” he said.

After the Spanish government blocked him from holding a straight referendum on secession, Mas characterized Sunday’s landmark vote as a regional mandate – and one which will only heighten its tensions with Madrid and banking technocrats in Brussels.

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  • Splendid news. The two state solution for Spanish apartheid is coming.
    That’s one case where London’s secessionist scheming abroad could produce a positive result after all. Too bad the Scottish independence referendum was neutralized by London’s ballot rigging machine. The hive brain in London always does it: sets an example for others by pretending to follow the secessionist model itself, and then pulls out at the last minute, thereby wrecking foreign states while kicking the can down the road leading to its own inevitable rot and demise.
    London, however, is running out of options since it knows all too well how deep and wide the profound propensity for overthrowing the US dominance is,thus it remains
    put and port, refusing US calls to join it on Syria and the EU. Even controlled opposition figures like Nigel Farage are now more relevant than ever before in such conditions…

    • RedTickAlert

      You can not compare Catalonia to Scotland. You cannot compare the UK to Spain

      • Predrag J. Maranovic