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The Great ‘Migrant Crisis’ – A Product of Washington’s Imperialism

21st Century Wire says…

The ‘Migrant Crisis’. Not a minute goes by in the West without hearing some politician, or loud-mouthed media pundit claiming to know or understand something about the current hot-button issue of refugees. The reality is, they know nothing.

Earlier this month, Russian president Vladimir Putin said that Europe’s migrant crisis is blow-back for the EU technocrats “blindly following U.S. orders” in regions like the Middle East and North Africa, and caused by, “imposing one’s own standards with no regard for the historic, religious, national, or cultural complexities of these regions.”

TAKING THE LEAD: Russia has been forced to take the lead to help straighten out Washington’s covert mess in Syria.

“You know, we have spoken about this many times, I consider this a completely anticipated crisis,” Putin said. “If you think back, skim through archived documents to see that we in Russia, your faithful [civil] servants, have been saying for many years that there will be problems on a massive scale if our so-called western partners continue this misguided, as I have often called it, foreign policy towards regions in the Muslim world, in the Middle East and North Africa which they continue to this day.”


DC’s latest idiot savant, John Kirby.

Incredibly, some mentally challenged US political operatives like U.S. State Department sales rep John Kirby, have gone as far as blaming Europe’s migrant crisis on the government of Syrian president Bashar al Assad. Quite a stretch, even for propaganda bag man like Kirby, but then again, he’s just doing his job, which is to sell weapons and keep share prices up for all the major military industrial contractors.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham (R) takes Kirby’s hallucinogenic narrative a step further even, by blaming the entire Syrian conflict on guess who, yes, that’s right… Russian president Vladimir Putin (of course).

The only logical explanation for Washington remaining stupid on Syria is that beltway is suffering from an acute case of ‘Group Think’.

The following should be required reading for all Eurocrats, TV talking heads, right-wing-nuts and Washington-based defense contractor embeds…

Andre Vltchek

While Europe is erecting fences, deploying armies and expressing its “concern” about how to deal with the annual influx of some 300,000 asylum seekers, vast areas of the world – namely the Middle East and Africa – are essentially ceasing to exist.

For years, I have been witnessing the desperate movements of millions of refugees and migrants all over the world.

The West has been redrawing the borders everywhere, performing direct invasions, or using proxy wars, in order to destabilize or directly destroy all “hostile” governments (read: those that have been determined to feed, educate, house and cure their own people).

Somali refugees in Dadaab © Andre Vltchek

Somali refugees in Dadaab © Andre Vltchek

Wherever a socially oriented government gets into power, the West immediately begins to manufacture and sponsor so-called “opposition movements.” Civil wars are triggered, sometimes followed by direct invasions.

Syrian refugees Lebanon © Andre Vltchek

Syrian refugees Lebanon © Andre Vltchek

The result is easy to predict: when progressive governments are forced to leave and the extreme, pro-business and pro-Western regimes are installed, the social fabric quickly collapses, brutality begins to reign and millions of desperate people are forced to flee. The same goes for when some horrific civil war is triggered from outside and divides the country.

Internally displaced, people begin to move all around their countries, aimlessly and in deep confusion. In the past it happened in such places as Cambodia, during and after the savage US carpet-bombing of the countryside, and it is now happening in Syria.

Those whose cities, village and livelihood were destroyed have to search for basic safety, food and shelter. After all, parents must feed their children. Natural survival instincts kick in. Borders become irrelevant. The Empire knows all that; it employs thousands of psychologists to analyze and manipulate the world. To claim that the “refugee crisis” comes as a surprise to the West’s governments is absolute hypocrisy.

Kibati Camp, Goma, East Congo © Andre Vltchek

Kibati Camp, Goma, East Congo © Andre Vltchek

In just a few years, I have seen masses of Syrian refugees, 2 million of them, scattered all over tiny Lebanon. I have also witnessed Syrians and Iraqis escaping to Turkey, Jordan and Iraq, Syrians fleeing to Turkey, South Asians escaping to Turkey via Iran, North Africans and Central Africans escaping directly to Europe. Sometimes it feels that all of humanity is on the move.

I made a documentary film about the Somali refugees and incorporated stories of Congolese refugees into my film about Rwanda.

The great majority of Westerners has no idea how many human lives of what George Orwell used to call “un-people” have been sacrificed in Africa, Asia and elsewhere, in order for them to be able to maintain their routine and unrealistically high standards of living.

A long time ago, Congo had one of the greatest leaders on earth – Patrice Lumumba. He was a true patriot, and an anti-imperialist fighter. A joint British, US and Belgian operation murdered him (the same thing occurred in Iran in 1953, in Indonesia in 1965 and in Chile in 1973, to name just three places). Much later, in 1995, two of the West’s client states, Rwanda and Uganda, were designated to exploit the DRC, potentially one of the richest countries on earth. They overthrew governments and murdered millions.

The plight of the refugees pouring from the Congo is too far from Europe. The faces of these people will never be seen. Their suffering will not be witnessed on television screens in Paris, London or Berlin. For Europe, these are “perfect refugees”and “perfect victims.” They are dying, getting raped, getting robbed, “silently,” without any scandal, without bothering or annoying citizens of Western countries, without demanding anything, without receiving any compensation for the horrors they are being put through.

Palestinian camp in Lebanon © Andre Vltchek

Palestinian camp in Lebanon © Andre Vltchek

Nobody knows exactly how many Congolese lives have been lost or shattered (estimated number is 6 to 10 million deaths, between 1995 and now), so cheap coltan can be inserted into the smart phones and tablets sold like hot cakes in the rich world, or for uranium to be supplied to the West military industrial complex… or how many Somali fishermen had to flee their own coast, so the European Union could continue dumping its toxic waste in the sea (all that is said is that “Somalis suddenly became pirates”).

I saw places that most Westerners know nothing about, cannot even imagine: horrendous refugee camps based in Uganda and Rwanda, housing absolutely ruined families or what is left of them, pouring from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I also saw the refugee camps inside the DRC itself, in East Kivu, camps where, as I was told, all women are victims of rape and torture. And, some time ago, I filmed the biggest camp on earth, Dadaab, built in Kenya and designated for refugees fleeing completely decimated Somalia.

All this is not happening “because those countries cannot govern themselves.” On the contrary!

Western companies and governments are benefiting.

And in the West, there will never be any acknowledgement of the suffering of the Congolese or Somali people.

Somali peace agreements were torpedoed. Kenyan forces on behalf of the West invaded it and millions fled.

When filming in Dabaab camp, I heard stories about women entering Kenya from Somalia, being strip-searched, raped in front of their children, robbed by Kenyan border guards, and then forced to walk dozens of miles to the camp through the desert. Many were eaten alive by wild animals. Others died from dehydration. In Dadaab and other Kenyan camps for Somali refugees, people lived in a dry desert for one entire generation, without ever seeing the sea, the mountains, rivers and greenery. Children were born in those repulsive camps; they grew up there, reaching adulthood basically locked in a prison.

The victims of Western geopolitical games in the DRC, Somalia, Papua, and so many other places on earth… Who will ever at least acknowledge those shattered lives?

Somali refugees in Djibuti © Andre Vltchek

Somali refugees in Djibuti © Andre Vltchek

Some of the people escaping from Libya, Syria, Mali, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, are now at least able to make it in front of the cameras, to tell their stories, to force their way (at least a few of them are succeeding) into those countries that have destroyed theirs. Not that too many people in the West are really willing to listen and to understand, but still, at least there is some chance.

However, in so many other places that are destroyed by the commercial and political interests of the Empire, people are trapped by dire circumstances; they are killed, or starve to death, silently conveniently far from the West’s cold gaze.

“What are we going to do with them?” I listened to the repeated laments in a the French city of Calais, where hundreds of refugees are staying in a horrific makeshift camp nicknamed the Jungle, jumping on international lorries and running into the Eurotunnel, trying to make it by any desperate means to the UK. I heard the same questions in Greece and Germany. As if the refugees were coming from thin air, not from horrific wars and conflicts triggered by the West…

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  • RedTickAlert

    A good article but I am sorry, but in places you mix up compassion with reality, practicality and many other important issues.
    More and more people are understanding what is actually going on in the World, you can see that by the increase of negative comments to the US Imperialism backed by its predominately Western lap dogs…….however, whilst we sympathise with the victims of the atrocities and want it stopped, we do not want the in our Country.
    I am from the UK – the UK is full, we have terror on the streets, we have whole swathes of cities under sharia law, they are killing our once proud culture, religion and in general our Country.
    They are not like minded, they are alien.
    Fck the white genocide – Fcuk Globalisation and Fcuk the New World order

    • Predrag J. Maranovic

      What? REDTICK, I’m from the UK too. So which cities are “under sharia law”? Tell me please, I’d love to know….

    • john-paul boomzilla

      Totally agree. They are destroying this country. PERIOD!

  • anna miller

    This was no accident. The refugee crisis was the probable outcome of the deliberate destruction of sovereign nations. Europe will be flooded with desperate people, disrupting economic and cultural stability, creating resentments and hostilities. Just what the psychopathic controllers require to step in and “solve the problem” their evil inspired plans created. Thus they can more readily install their New World Order.
    This is the price all of us pay for allowing psychopaths to rule. We are many, they are few. Why isn’t the wealthy state of Israel taking in refugees? Aren’t they the main advocates for diversity and multi-culturalism? Oh I forgot, one must be a Jew to immigrate to Israel. Plus the Israelis are mightily busy, keeping the Africans locked up, and murdering Palestinians. And let’s not forget the problem of keeping down the slave trafficked women from eastern Europe in their numerous brothels.

  • Koolz

    Immigration a product of Jewish Zionism as in the expansion of Israel(Zion) Elders of Zion.
    US Controlled by Zionist that are for Israel. In that sense yes the US is behind it, but you forget to mention the UK, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, as these are also Zionist Owned Countries with there Puppets. And we have to not forget Sweden lovely country that started it all.
    With one silly women Zionist in there Politics saying “jews will be at the front of the immigration crises even if you Europe doesn’t like it.

    • anna miller

      An American woman in Sweden telling the Swedes what’s what. The sheer arrogance of this woman is beyond the pale. Yet, one must be a Jew to immigrate to Israel. Their hypocrisy appears to have no bounds.