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The Saudi Annihilation of Yemen: The War The West Ignored

21st Century Wire says…

When an event does not fit the West’s narrative, it is entirely ignored.

Saudi Arabia has made its ‘imperial debut‘ in a no-holds-bar war against Yemen. In addition, the Saudis have been arming Sunni militias throughout Yemen in an attempt to overthrow the Houthis, which is more than likely going to lead to a Syria-like situation occurring once again.

The war has claimed the lives of thousands of innocents, including school children, but has been entirely ignored by Western mainstream media. This is because Saudi Arabia, the undemocratic, theocratic, medieval aggressor, is the West’s closest ally in the Middle East.

In the following edition of RT’s CrossTalk, watch guests get into a very heated debate about the realities of the Yemeni conflict:

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